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6.8 USB Drive / WebGUI Issue - System working fine otherwise

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Hi All,

I am having some strange behavior with my system running 6.8.

Right now what happens is the system will boot fine, dockers and all services start up, I can ssh into the system, but I can not access the Web GUI and under the boot folder (viewed via terminal) no files are showing up. Accessing shares via smb does not seem to be working either.

Not sure where to start since the system seems to be working other than these issues.

Unfortunately the server is remote to my current location so can't do any dis/reconnecting of drives, any other ideas of what I could try?



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1 hour ago, davejaca said:

under the boot folder (viewed via terminal) no files are showing up

Flash drive has disconnected. Rebooting is the only thing that might help, and even if it did help it might be only temporarily and other things need to be done that can't be done remotely, such as plugging it into another port.


Do you have a backup of flash? Are you booting from a USB2 port (recommended)?


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Thought this may be the case but was surprised the system was still starting up (even after a reboot) without it connected. 

I will try a few more remote reboots and see if it comes back. I am fairly sure it's a USB2 port as it's an older server mobo with the interal USB.

Thanks for confirming!

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