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I'm interested in your opinions, experiences and choices you made regarding online backup.


I had Crashplan account and recently I decided to part away. After looking at various options I decided to go with Duplicati docker + online backup. Duplicati supports various services. However, not all services are created equal. Crashplan monthly fee was initially $5 per month. Then, when they made business changes, the price went up and at some point I paid $30 per month. I always had some problems with Crashplan docker, however I did not want to delete old backups. Finally, I decided to look for different solution. I like Duplicati docker reliability and ease of restoring files. But there is a question of online service. Amazon Drive is no longer supported. I have Microsoft OneDrive account (included with Office 365). They give 1 TB of online space. Additional 1TB cost is $10 per month. I looked at Amazon AWS S3 solution, but determining monthly cost is much more complicated that it should be.


I am estimating that the most critical data that needs to be backed up (photos + documents) is at least 1TB. Probably 2TB is sufficient. Backing up entire shares at these prices seems to be prohibitive.


Please let me know what backup strategies you implemented, what online services you use and how much it costs you.


Thank you   

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Back when Crashplan changed their business model I jumped ship and started searching for alternatives. I went the Duplicati + online storage route, and selected Backblaze B2 for the online half. Actually, I just did a forum search and there there was a conversation about it here:



Two-and-a-bit years later, and I can confirm that this is still working great for me. I've got about a terabyte stored in B2, and my bill last month was just over $3.


Hope that helps.



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