Case for a DAS?


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Fractal XL like this one has sound deadening for quiet, and if you still aren't happy, swap the fans with some noctua ones like these. I used to have this in my living room and was dead silent with the stock fans.


If you also replace 3 of those 5.25-inch drive bays with a 4-in-3 drive bay like this, you'll be able to store (12) 3.5" HDDs in the case. If that's still not enough disks, here is a way to get 20 disks with that case + 4 more with the 4-in-3 above. The case isn't cheap but it's by far the best I ever had.

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On 2/16/2020 at 9:12 PM, Jeff in Indy said:

I’m going to build one in a week or two, and I’m getting the Fractal Design Node 804. Instead of being really tall, the MB is one side, the Power and drives are on the other side.

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i think he looks for a das case (no mobo).

I'm planning adding a das too. And i can't have a rackmount case. So far the best option i've seen is the silverstone ds380.

You need a bracket to plug sas cable. If you use only the 8 hotswap bays you can directly use sas cables. 

If you plan to add 4 more ssd (or 2,5" drive) you have to use an expander. 

You also have to find a power control board to power on the atx power.

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