Recommended video card about $150 that will also work in Catalina


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I currently have a Geforce 720 TI in my Unraid and it's mainly used to output HDMI to my receiver when using OpenELEC VM.


I would like to buy a better video card so I can possibly play some 1080p video games on a Windows 10 VM. I was looking at something like Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1650 4GB, since it's about my budget ($150), has decent performance in 1080p and is fairly low power, there's no 6pin power connector need.


However I also have a Mac OS Catalina VM on my Unraid and I remember reading somewhere that it might not support 16xx Geforce video cards? Is that correct? 


Is there a $150 low-power video card with similar performance that would support Catalina?



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