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  1. Hello I have purchased 2 Supermicro CSE-M35T1 3x5 drive cages. Do I need to plug in both Molex power connectors in each cage, or should just one work? Unfortunately I don't have enough Molex connectors on my power supply. Is it safe to use one molex and one sata power cable with sata->molex adapter (link to adapter) per cage?
  2. Thanks! I am using that right now for one drive where I keep my new downloads, I just never used it on drive that came out of the array.
  3. Hi They are a mix, WD, Seagate, HGST. I went to see a local guy who tested the drives and it looks like it mostly likely is a bad PCB board. He set me up with a repair order at salvagedata.com which I guess is the same as donordrives. Sounds like they might be able to replace the board for under $100 per drive, I shipped them back today so we'll find out next week. If they are able to repair the drives by replacing the PCB board, I still will most likely buy new drives, preclear and add them to my unraid with new parity rebuild. Then I will add the old drives one a time a copy everything off them. How can I access them through something like Krusader without being part of the array? Thanks!
  4. Looking at salvagedata.com their pricing is "It varies – but in general, hard drive recovery costs $300-$1000 for more minor fixes and $1100-$1900 for more major incidents such as disk crashes or water damage." I read some posts here about using donordrives and fixing several hard drives for just few hundred dollars total. Is there any other similar affordable service any one recommend?
  5. Thanks for all the replies. Yeah I tested all 5 by connecting them to external USB hard drive enclosure and they make no sound at all when powered on. Decto, your advice gives me some hope however as you noted they all have the PCB board covering the stuff I see on the screenshot, and I am definitely not brave enough to open it up and mess with it I reached out to https://www.gillware.com/ and spoke to them on the phone and they said it would be $7500 to try and recover the data ...ugh I also reached out to donordrives.com but they said I need to go through https://www.salvagedata.com/ ? Thanks
  6. If it's "just" fried PCB can anyone recommend affordable service to try and repair? Also, how can I access the remaining drives to see what's left? I cannot start the array right now because too many drives are missing but I don't want to rebuild parity or anything like that in case of successful drive recovery. Thanks
  7. Hi I was upgrading my motherboard / CPU today and when I turned everything back on, there were a bunch of drives missing. After troubleshooting I realized that one of my Norco 3x5 hard drive cages died and took all five hard drives with it. None of them will even power on at all, lost 24 TB out of my 32 TB server. I am completely speechless, spent 20 years building up all the data on it...... Do you think there's anything I can do? None of them power up at all, even when I put them to external enclosure on a different PC. They were all killed at the same time I assume. I know that data recovery is crazy expensive and I assume with Unraid file system they would need to recover all or nothing? One of the drives it the parity. If I boot up the server I should still be able to access data on the remaining drives? Thanks
  8. Hi I am interesting in running this - https://github.com/greghesp/assistant-relay It says it runs on node.js but should it work on nodered as well? It says to download the package zip file "and then use npm i to get started", but I have no idea where to place this zip file? Thanks!
  9. OK I pulled the plug and ordered the parts, wish me luck! Thank you for all your help CPU Intel Xeon E5-2680V3 MB SUPERMICRO X10SRL-F RAM 2x16 GB M393A2G40EB1-CRC SAMSUNG CPU COOLER SNK-P0050AP4
  10. What kind of adapter could you use to put an SSD into one of the bays on this enclosure?
  11. Cool thanks! So what are your thoughts on something like: CPU E5 2680 V3 (used $180) Mobo SUPERMICRO MBD-X10SRI-F (looks like amazon/newegg has it for about $290) 32GB DDR4 ECC RAM (used about $90-$120) CPU Cooler SNK-P0050AP4 (Narrow ILM) - $38 Are all motherboards for E5 26xx v3 so expensive? I really would prefer to stay under $200 for MB
  12. Thanks for your reply. Yeah looks like I will have to buy new RAM if I go this route. I was really set on getting dual CPU Xeon since I only do these upgrades once in many years and I figured the most cores/CPUs I get the better. But I wonder if I would be better off to just get single E5 2660 V3 or E5 2680 V3 as you suggested, and not over complicate things. I really want v3 because that's what I have now and I believe that you need AVX2 and SSE 4.2 for proper Mac OS VM. Any idea how the power consumption on E5-2660/2680 would compare to my E3-1225 v3?
  13. Yeah, upon further review it looks like it's not really possible to move MB from P700 to a different case so that's a no go. The passmarks I was quoting were from a dual cpu build, which is something I am interested in. I will probably try to buy CPU/MOBO separately and build from scratch even though I was trying to avoid that. I am ok buying used on ebay. I was hoping to get a CPU that will be under $150 for a pair, and a mobo at around $200 max. I already have 24 GB ECC DDR3 ram, but it's a bunch of different chips so might not work as well as just buying pairs of large RAM, also I guess some of these actually use DDR4?
  14. Thanks for the reply. I feel like more cores more be better for me than higher clock count, although it does worry me a bit to go to 1.8GHz from my current 3.2Ghz. In addition to running Windows VM 24/7 right now I would like to probably add another one that could be used as remote desktop for surfing etc, not a lot of gaming if any. I also was able to get Mac OS VM running but it's really slow so I am hoping this will help (plus getting a better pass-through video card) I have a lot of Dockers like coucpotato, emby, grafana, influxdb, observium, plx, sabnzbd, sickrage, telegraf, transmission.... I have actually installed and configured Shinobi based on spaceinvader's video, but I was not able so far to configure the motion detection to work properly. Also, I used Blue Iris Android app daily so I don't think I will be able to get rid of BI. What I am looking to buy is actually a Lenovo P700 workstation server and then move the insides to my current tall tower Unraid case, so hopefully there won't be any significant increase in noise. It is in a closet in the basement. I have done a lot of research on building everything from scratch but frankly I already spend so much time on this, I'd rather buy a prebuilt system
  15. Hello I am looking to upgrade my current Unraid Server (powered by Xeon E3-1225 v3) I am looking at a used server on ebay where I can choose between Dual Xeon E5-2620 v3 vs Dual e5-2630l v3 Dual Xeon E5-2620 v3 - 2.4GHz Cpu Mark - 15262 85W 6 Cores Dual e5-2630l v3 - 1.8GHz - $80 more Cpu Mark - 15183 55W 8 Cores I am trying to figure out which one should I get, they both seem to have almost the same CPU mark score. I like the idea of lower power and more CPU cores but will I regret not getting the full power CPU? I am currently running one 24/7 Windows VM (with Blue Iris) and many dockers. I am hoping to run few more VMs and even more dockers after the upgrade. I do use Plex transcoding but it's pretty much never more than 1 stream at a time. Do 8 cores make up for the lower frequency? Thanks