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Hey all,


Just thought of a potential new feature this morning - had a power cut last night, signed into unraid to start the array this morning and discovered there's a new update available.


  1. Does unraid check for updates periodically and if it does, can a new notification option be added so that it sends a notification to configured clients? (I use Pushover which has been flawless so far).
  2. As an additional option to the above, could we have an option to let unraid automatically download (but not install) the update and let us know that (as well as it being available above), that it's now ready to install?
  3. Or disable the above all together as I'm guessing some people aren't too bothered.


Edit: 1 and 3 already exist as pointed out.

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8 minutes ago, itimpi said:

1) and 3) are already available via Settings >> Notifications

So they do, weird I get the plugin and docker updates but I've never had an OS update notification though.

I'll monitor for the next update.


Request two though would still be nice :)



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