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  1. This is going to sound stupid, but how did you change the setting folder for the new container? I've got so far as going into the Docker tab, adding a new container, selecting a template from the list of user templates (in my case I'm selecting the Nginx container I already have) and setting the name to something different. I can't see a setting in either basic or advanced that lets me specify the appdata folder name. I thought it might be based on the name I enter for the container, but it just uses the appdata folder from the template I selected. Edit: Was stupid, found it under the "Show more settings" bit...
  2. I'd like to set up email alerts from Grafana but the settings page is read only. There's a banner that states that the settings are defined in grafana.ini or custom.ini or set as ENV variables. I've tried looking in the appdata folder for Grafana but I can't see either of the name files. I've also tried setting up a variable in the docker edit page and restarting the app but it doesn't work. How do I go about changing the settings for Grafana? Thanks,
  3. Hi all, Just want to sense check something since I'm not really familiar with hardware support. I currently have a Gigabyte H81M-S2H motherboard, which has now run out of SATA connections and I'm about to run out of space. I'm looking at expansion cards and I think an 8-port HBA card is the right option, specifically: LSI SAS 9207-8i KIT 8-Port 6Gbps SATA+SAS PCI-E 3.0 HBA Kit on Amazon Before I commit to buying it and a couple of extra drives, I just want to know if the card itself should work without any hassle. Thanks
  4. No problem, I'll raise it on the support thread shortly.
  5. Just a quick report to say that the displayed value for motherboard temp displayed on the updated dashboard is displaying Fan1 speed with rpm.
  6. I've seen this before as well, adblocker was the culprit pulling down whole sections of the unraid ui in error. Added unraid to the exceptions list and everything works fine again.
  7. Seems all good now. I haven't seen the template error again and I can view everything else just fine.
  8. Ah Gotcha, That will be what this is then.. almost thought for a sec that it was actual content for something until I read it;
  9. I'm getting an odd issue where I can't view any of the Bug Reports / Pre-release threads for the the RC releases. While logged in, I try to view; But I get an error message like this; This is only while logged in, if I log out from this error screen, I remain on the thread but I am able to view and navigate through it without a problem.
  10. Would you never want to be notified of genuine short outages or just alert if they last longer than a set period? Perhaps if there was a weekly / monthly digest of un-alerted notifications? EDIT: I suppose if you have Grafana in play, you could use its reporting services?
  11. Got myself a coffe mug for the growing collection of beverage receptacles today. :)
  12. I'm able to open it in WinRar if I can get you a particular file or two from it? tower-diagnostics-20190303-2252.zip
  13. I'm going to comment to follow this one as I've seen very similar behavior in my own file transfers, again, over a Gigabit ethernet on a run of only 10 feet. Although I think I've read somewhere that RAM / spare RAM on the receiving end having something to do with it.
  14. I've got a replacement disk ready to go - should I just be able to shutdown, pull the bad disk, add the new and assign it to parity?
  15. The contents of the array. They get backed up weekly, but the last back ran on Monday. There's 5TB of data that's gone in/changed since then so I want to copy it off locally "just in case" Diagnostics below; tabris-diagnostics-20190118-1948.zip