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27 minutes ago, gareth_iowc said:

Hi All,


Is there anyway i can hide that my windows 10 os is a VM?




Try adding this above </features> to see if it helps.

      <hidden state='on'/>


It depends on how your app detects the VM status so YMMV.

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2 hours ago, gareth_iowc said:

Managed to get the xml edited. It's still able to detect it's a vm

Then there isn't much more you can do. A quick google seems to suggest Tekno Parrot goes out of its way to prevent being run in a VM.

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2 hours ago, gareth_iowc said:

Ah yes so it does.


A few people have suggested disabling hyper-v inside the windows vm. is this safe to do so as i thought we needed hyper-v

Hyper-V does contain a workaround to fix error code 43 with Nvidia GPU so if you need that for your VM to work then indirectly you need Hyper-V.

There are also some other tuning for AMD Threadripper that are in Hyper-V but they are good-to-have and certainly not necessary.

Otherwise, you can safely turn off Hyper-V on the host.


In the guest (is that what you mean by "inside the Windows VM"?), you shouldn't turn on Hyper-V. It may prevent your VM from booting - it has happened to me. Hyper-V is also disabled by default when you install Windows.

It is certainly not needed since it's used for virtualisation, which would constitute nested virtualisation, which is usually not needed since you have KVM/qemu from Unraid.

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