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  1. Can i choose a different different virtual network card for my windows vm? It's current using the default virtio card. I have an issue where anything inbound via the network over 40mbps brings causes the vm to slow down to the point of rgb not working on the keyboard and mouse lag. This issue has followed multiple versions of unraid and virtio drives. Changed motherboard and cpu from intel to amd and still have the issue. The array has been running as fully ssd for the past 3 years and it works great it's just the network issue that brings it to
  2. bugs attracted to the IR light of my camera trigger the motion recording all the time. can anyone recommend what setting i should be changing?
  3. Can't get it to resize via the GUI either. Any ideas?
  4. My hp server has some on board storage that i would like unraid to ignore as it uses up drive availability in my licence "HP_iLO_LUN_00_Media_0_000002660A01-0:0 - 268 MB (sdb)" It's not been added to the array and sits in unassigned devices Can i get unraid to ignore this device?
  5. Hi all, I'm very interested in controlling my fan speed depending on hard drive temperature. I have tired Dynamix Auto Fan Control but i can't detect anything on my board. Can anyone recommend a usb PWM controller that will be supported in unraid? Thanks
  6. i have this same error when adding a second gfx card
  7. have the same problem on 6.9.0-beta1
  8. Hi all, So i have a problem with SMB shares been painfully slow - Across 3 windows computers the smb shares are lightening fast, but mac and linux they take an age to load. Any ideas?
  9. Turns out not choosing a bios file allows the vm to start using the gfx card
  10. I'm starting to think it has somthing to do with sea bios. If i chose the 970 as the main gfx card with seabios the vm won't boot. If i use ovmf i get a picture but the vm won't load as windows xp does not support UEFI
  11. Hi All, Has anyone managed to get a gpu working with a windows xp vm? I have passed my gtx970 to the windows xp vm and installed drivers using guide - Now the drivers are installed windows xp can see the gfx card correctly but i get an error code 10. I am using vnc as my main card and gtx970 as the second. if i used the gtx970 as my main card the vm won't boot I am using the correct bios file for this GPU as i can start it with windows 10.
  12. Once i click plan all of the menu log, settings etc becomes un-clickable. But i have try tried firefox and the program is working as expected. i disabled add block in chrome and it made no difference.
  13. Am i doing something wrong here? It's been stuck on the plan part for 4 hours with little to no cpu or disk usage.
  14. Ah yes so it does. A few people have suggested disabling hyper-v inside the windows vm. is this safe to do so as i thought we needed hyper-v