Guide for Octofarm (3D Printer Octoprint Farm Software) for Unraid

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for all the 3D printers who wants to install Octofarm. Here it is a little quick and dirty guide.


1. Install MongoDB from the CA Tab.


2. Look if it is already running and note the IP and the port!


3. Add new Container


4.Give it a Name


5. Toggle Advance view


6. Add these strings


7. Optional. For Logo add this URL :


8. Think about the Port on which OCTOFARM will run and check if it is not used by another Service. My Port is 84. Then add this to the WebUI.


9.Add Variables and Paths

9.1 Click on grafik.png.8adcf89f109390df7050f9dd1087bc4e.png

9.2 Choose Path and fill in like this. The IP Adress of the Value from Step 2. and save it



9.3 Add this two paths. The Hostpaths should point to a octofarm folder in your appdata



9.4 Add a Port. Remember the Step 8


10. Press Apply. After that you can check the log if everthing went OK. Press this Button. grafik.png.f85dfb0792d3784772d65d56e31bb35d.png


It should look like this


11 Now you can acces the WebUI and start config of OCTOFARM


Happy farming and printing!


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New dev here!

As mentioned by @S1mpleman, the instructions here are outdated.


This is now in the community applications :)

And here's why this is outdated as mentioned on github:


If you followed that guide it's old the paths it tells you to setup no longer exist. We have UnRaid images in the CA app store with everything pre-configured for you. That does explain why "USER WITH QUESTION" had no logs originally though, also why the issue might have occured as "USER WITH QUESTION" has had no config/dB.js file when the container restarted.


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