A couple of questions re: keyfiles/passphrases


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My standard disclaimer: I only know enough to break things that I don't know how to fix...


Question 1:

I've written my go file such that at boot, I get my array passphrase via AWS Secrets Manager and write it to /root/keyfile. unRAID then uses /root/keyfile to unlock/startup my array. I've been manually deleting my keyfile after startup.


Can I just add the following to the go file to automatically delete the keyfile 5 minutes after startup:

sleep 300s
shred /root/keyfile

Or should I just write a user script with the above commands via the User Scripts plugin to be executed after Array start?


Question 2:

From what I've managed to glean from the forums, in unRAID 6.8+, passphrases seem to be more secure than keyfiles as passphrases are not written to a visible-to-user file (even ones that only exist in RAM). The aws-cli command I use for the procedure above retrieves a string, not a file. So, is it possible to use the output of this command as the passphrase rather than writing it to a file first?



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