Upgrading From Dual E5-2670 System

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Hi all, I am looking to upgrade my old E5-2670 system to a modern AMD system, most likely based on a 3800, 3900 or potentially 3950. The threadripper v3 pricing is just too steep right now.


Current system has 1 parity, 9 data, 1 cache and 3 unassigned devices. 8 of the devices are on a card. 2 video cards and 2 usb cards.


New system would replace cache SSD with an NVME. Transfer all parity and data disks. Transfer 1 of the unassigned devices(WD purple passed to my blue iris system). I would probably consolidate the 2 unassigned devices SSD's to the NVME cache or put them on a 2nd NVME. They house my VM's. 


VM's include 1x windows 10 for blue iris, 1x windows 10 for homeseer, a couple of misc linux based game servers and tinker VMs. I would probably not transfer the 2x graphics cards as i am using NVIDIA shield's for serving my home theater and living room now.


Can anyone recommend a solid x570 based motherboard that has been working well for them? I typically prefer ASROCK and workstation class for iPMI however, ASROCK mobo's are completely sold out and have been for the 2 weeks ive been watching. I dont see great options for iPMI on AMD based boards and can live without it.


Also, wouldnt mind a good case recommendation as I may sell/donate my old system with case included. I prefer my drives in hot swap enclosures and accessible 5.25 bays are becoming excessively rare.

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Wow I'm literally in the exact same boat...  I have been debating on upgrading to some 2696 v2's in the same motherboard or upgrading to an amd since they seem to be extremely strong.   The things i'm concerned with are the pci x16 slots as I have 3 m1015 cards now (I have about 20 drives) yet still having space for a 10gb nic and onboard VGA + at least one more slot for my nvidia 1660 for the gaming vm / plex transcoding.


Have you made any headway on the motherboard you'd pick?



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