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One UPS per device or big UPS?

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My APC UPS died a while ago and I'm only now getting round to replacing it. Probably it's just the battery, but there's not much information available from APC. I used to have my unRAID box, a Synology 4-bay box and my Win 10 PC running off it. In truth, it might have been too much for the APC (650VA, 390W). But since I have to replace something anyway, I was wondering whether it's better to have one UPS per device or one big(ger) UPS. I only need the UPS to enable a clean shutdown; our power doesn't go out often, but a few times a year it goes out when there's lightning.


I'm thinking that one UPS per device is probably the way to go because:

- it's cheaper, or at least in the same ballpark as having one big device

- not risking a single point of failure

- that big device will probably weigh a ton

- easier to control the shutdowns (no need for software to link to a master device)

- takes up a bit more space, but power-cable wise less messy when devices are not close to each other, as in my case.


Any thoughts about this?

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like ask 10TBx8 or 8TBx10 which better .... it really dependent.

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It fully depends upon your requirement. If your budget permits then buying a bigger power solution might solve the issue. Also, it would require a greater space to accomodate a large one. But having a large one can help us in few ways as well. Like we can get the one with higher power and can make our devices last longer. If space is a issue then getting 10 ups each per pc is a good option for you. Decide wisely and let us know what you did ??

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Just get a 1500VA (900w typically) single UPS and you'll be set.  You probably don't even need 900w but the cost difference for something less is negligible. 




However, your other concerns would seem to indicate that multiple UPS are better for your situation... at least the distance to power cable.  You don't want to use extension cords so if the units are not close enough for a single unit then you really have no option but to get multiple units.



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