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I would like to know how to back up my photo from my phone wireless  i hear nextcloud but it seen work as drop box if i delete the photo from my phone it will sync and delete from the nextcloud . 


 i need that work more like google photos  or icloud so if i lose my phone i dont lose my pic .



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Well the easiest way would be to install the google photos app on your phone.. and sync to your google account.  Then you could use google sync to download onto your Windows pc automatically.


Other than that, I was actually just testing this out with Dropbox, Box, and Nextcloud.


Dropbox looks like it works, Box seems like it would be a paid upgrade to sync photos automatically, and Nextcloud seems to work ok also.


I'm no pro at nextcloud but they did sync to my Unraid server.  Not sure about automatically deleting... I'll try to test that now.  Nextcloud doesn't seem to be the fastest to sync.



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I use nextcloud myself and it DOES NOT delete uploaded images when i delete them on my phone. (you can choose what setting you want in the nextcloud app) However, it's more work and more docker containers are needed eg. Letsencrypt, domain name service (i use duckdns), nextcloud itself and a database docker (i use mariadb).


Dropbox can be used also and is much more easy to set up.


Just use a 2/4/8 whatever GB usb stick.


Format it to the correct filesystem dropbox want. (i think it was ext4 but i'm on holiday so i can't check)


Mount it as an unassinged device.


Install dropbox docker and point /data to mnt/disks/your_usb_stick.


Setup a script to MOVE all images/video's from that usb stick to the array.


Use 'user scripts' plugin to setup an automated cron job.


Voila, phone backup with free dropbox account even outside local network.


I will be happy to help if i'm back from vacation (in 2 weeks)









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