[SOLVED] ip addr not set // 169 adress

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Hey Guys I am trying to get Unraid to work on my new build.

After a pretty rough start to get it boot (I had to enable the uefi boot option with the usb creator tool) I am now stuck because Unraid does not get a IP.

I've read through different topics here but no solution does work. If I am changing the bonding option in the network configuration, the machine is getting a 169 adress. Also recreating the config file does not work

I have included the diagnostics file. Maybe some of you guys know what I am doing wrong. Thank you in advance!!




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Hi Timnbvc,


I faced the same issue today (new build Intel 10 generation). My motherboard(asrock h470m-itx/ac) have two network ports (Intel and Realtek).


The Intel network card didn't manage to get IP address at all. The Realtek card keeps getting a strange IP address(169.x.x.x) similar to your case. I managed to get it fixed by booting through GUI mode. Change the network settings to static address and reboot the server, It worked for a while then ended up in same situation again after changing it back to automatic assignment (DHCP).

I ended up using a USB network adapter to resolve IP address properly till I figure out how I can fix it.


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