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Hi, anyone know if MSI Tomahawk x570 is compatibles with iommu?


I will be using with Ryzen 3700x. Anyone recommend this motherboard in my new build? The reason why I choose MSI Tomahawk x570 is because it has 2 x usb 3.1 gen 2 for my front case.



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I'm still waiting for this board to become available.  I was interested in it for a new PC (not Unraid) build.  I don't know what the holdup is but they seem really not in no rush to get it to distribution.


As far as iommu, don't know.

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I think I've replied to you on Reddit, but yes it does have IOMMU and SVM. It also seems to have an issue with the wired network controller and unraid.

I'm not a technical wiz, but it seems to me it's not being enabled on boot and unraid can't use it properly? Looking at the clients that generate IP on my router's table, the wireless adapter boots with the computer, but the wired network only connects when windows boots up. Can't find any way to get it to work, all settings in bios and unraid makes zero difference.

As I said I'm no technical wiz, so not sure if this is normal behaviour for a wired ethernet or not (I assume not as wireless boots at boot)

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