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First let me say I know very little in the programming world, but interested in trying to create a plugin for themes,  Yes I know there is something already (Theme Engine), but its very lacking and not as user friendly as it could be. I got board and have been digging through files and looking at what I can change to really theme Unraid. Like a true theme interface where you can have much more control on what is changed (For advanced users) and a Simplifed version for people who just want an easy what to change the color from the reddish orange to something else with just a few options filled in.


I have a script I created that will do a simple replacement of most of the colors to something else, but I want to give people an interface to be able to do this and finer control over it for the ones who really want to mess with it.


I need to know where to start.


The current way I am applying my theme (And I am sure there is a better safer way) is copying the original file to a safe location and then modifying the original file with the changes using sed find replace feature. , then when they opt to change something the original backed up files are restored so they can try again, or simple they want the original color back.


If someone can give me an idea of where to start. I know I will have lots more questions as time goes on, but I really want this to come about. I already have others testing my script at their own risk, and they love what I have done.


Please help me. And thanks for taking the time to teach me. (And yes I will always try to google first). I can see getting really creative on what can be changed. And what people will create once they get the tools.


- Albert


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Is anyone willing to collaborate to make a better theme programs so we can make better themes and more control over them? My current method involves running a script in user scripts, and thats fine for me but for others its a pain, I know there is a better way buy I don't understand how. I need some who knows how to program and willing to help.


My current method make a copy of the files and replaces strings withing the original files for the new colors, then when they want to change color they rerun the script and it replace the modified files with the original ones so they can edit them again. I here there is a way to do this with custom css files, but no clue how to do that.


Any help is appreciated. It seems like many people would like the ability to modify many other aspects. Currently I am only focused on using the black theme, but will want to be able to edit them all.


Below are some screenshots of the blue theme I made, (Script has you enter in 3 colors and it does the rest) This is what I want to create an interface for and use css instead of replacing the actual files. But no clue.





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That looks pretty good.. you should upload your script for us! :D


I can't help ya on this because I don't know how to implement the themes, but you might be able to gain some insight by dissecting the current theme plugin and see how it applies stuff on a permanent basis.  You can download the plugin file and extract it like a zip file to see how it's put together.

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So I forgot to post the script, and have just updated it to cover a few areas that were not done. here is my script. Enjoy.


If anyone can make an interface for this or does improvements can you tag me, would love to see what becomes of this.





  • To use this, be sure to install "user scripts plugin" then go to user scripts from the settings tab. then select "Add New Script"
  • Give it a name "Color Change Script" and press ok.
  • Now locate the new script and press the gear icon and click "Edit Script" Then open the text file below, copy everything and paste it into the script and save changes.
  • Then you can manually run the script. Default is blue, but you can go back in and edit the script and select new colors (Top section of script, you will see the options).
  • Note: After a reboot the theme will need to be applied again, as the changes are not save except in ram. To auto mate this, to the right of the run script button there is a drop down, click that and select "At Startup of Array" this will make the script auto run at the start of the array so you don't need to manually run it each boot.


2021 0125 - Version 5.

   Updated to fix Community Apps Plugin with not showing detailed description of apps correctly.


ColorThemeScript v5.txt

ColorThemeScript v4.txt









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