How to enter a password in script [SOLVED]

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i'm setting up an rsync script, where the first command prompt's a request for the destination source's password. Ideally the script would enter the password for the rsync to run. but how exactly do i write that into the script (or is there another way?) i have no problem running this in terminal manually where i can type the password in, it looks like this:

rsync -avhP --progress /source/file/path root@192.168.1.X:/destination/file/path
root@192.168.1.X's password: 

so writing the script, what should the entry to fill the password look like here?


echo "Starting File Server Backup"
echo "This May Take a While"

#Backup and Sync local file server
rsync -avhP --progress /source/file/path root@192.168.1.X:/destination/file/path
root@192.168.1.X's password: <-- what should i enter on this line?


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3 minutes ago, JoeUnraidUser said:

Try adding "<<<password" to the end of the command:

rsync -avhP --progress /source/file/path root@192.168.1.X:/destination/file/path <<<password

Change "password" to your password.

No dice. i've also tried variations of read and echo | sudo from write-ups in other forums with no luck either.


i've also read warnings of putting passwords in scripts, but all i'm dealing with here are two of my personal private networks over vpn. no exposure from the inside or outside, so i'm not worried about it from a security standpoint. 

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