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Through a series of events, i have access to a Corsair RM 1000x Gold PSU that i could pull from another build (for which it is overkill)

Wondering if i should swap my 650W Seasonic Titanium 


Everything works fine as is, and i don't have any plans to add another GPU anytime soon. Maybe one more HDD at some point.

Below is configuration, and using PSU calculator i come up at 590W recommended. which is getting close. However, i really value the efficiency of the Titanium Seasonic

NO overclocking etc.

Can i easily measure power draw? What happens if I exceed 650W? will system become unstable or simply retard performance when pushed?


Case: ThermalTake View37 RGB

CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X

MB: Asus X470 ROG Crosshair VII Hero

RAM:  4x 16Gb Trident 3200

VM GPU: Rx580 4Gb (used rarely)

SSD: 1Tb WD Black SN750

HDD: 4x 7200rmp, various sized up to 12Tb


Fans and AIO CPU cooler





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A UPS is recommned for unraid so that in the event of an outage you get a clean shut down. My APS brand UPS was ~ £60, $75. You only need a few minutes of run time for an automatic clean shut down. Most will give you a power draw. Just make sure it supports the APC plug in (via USB)


Alternatively you can pick up a power meter than plugs into the wall fairly cheap £10, $12 which can be usefull to see what uses the most power. Off topic, but my old fridge freezer is a power hog using nearly 3x the power combined for a later fridge and freezer with more space. It's on the replacement list now!


APC plugin in Unraid 



Note, this is at the wall power so at 90% efficiency means real consumption of 90W 


As for your power supply, The calculator recommends 590W which has a fair overhead to keep you in the efficiency sweetspot. Realistically your PC will be peaking around 350-400W. I'm only at ~400W with a 3700X and Vega 64 so I'd leave it as is for now.


If you add another GPU then I'd look at an upgrade.

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On 10/2/2020 at 1:28 PM, strykn said:

What happens if I exceed 650W?

Basically, what can happen is the the PS will simply shutdown.  The PS has power monitoring circuits which do that function.  I have not overloaded a PS for years but in the olden days when you exceed current draw (which is what is monitored), the output voltage would go to zero-- totally eliminating the overload.  (These circuits are designed to protect the components in PS, not the load connected to it!)  That is the reason why a 750W PS costs more than a 600W one.

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