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I think it would be really useful to see what kinds of CPU/motherboard /GPU/HBA combinations that people are using [successfully] with unraid so we have an idea of what has worked and will likely work? Sifting through forums is possible but often neglects certain things. It shouldn't be hard to create a poll / profile where you put in your components and then show the results?

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This sort of idea was mentioned in another thread, basically building a database of compatible hardware.  While it's technically possible, it's unrealistic.  First of all because you'd actually have to have the thousands / however many there are Unraid users to actually respond. Second of all, since Unraid isn't exactly hardware dependent you could quite literally have every user with a unique combination and therefore have no clear answer and only a list of 500 motherboards, 500 cpus, etc.


Then the choice of hardware is personal preference on top of that.  Consumer/Server board? ECC/Non-ECC RAM? IPMI ability or no? 1GB/2.5GB/10GB LAN? Networking to support those options would have to be included?  SSD/NVME/HDD/whatever else?  Low power media server or ability to run 20 VMs? Every use case is different, everyone's preference is their own, so there's no good way to report on a generic list of hardware that works, because generally speaking, all hardware in existence works, with few limitations.

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