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    UNRAID: 6.9beta | CASE: Fractal Design Define 7 | MB: Asus HZ287-A Prime | CPU: i7-6700K | RAM: 32GB | GPU: Asus GT-730 CSM | PSU: Seasonic Prime 650 | CACHE: 2 TB XPG 8200 Pro | DATA: 5x12 TB WD | PARITY: 14 TB WD

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  1. Gotcha! I'll turn on turbo-write for large transfers. I recall reading that the virtio drivers emulates a 10G NIC but my motherboard only has a 1G NIC. Am I technically bottlenecking myself at 1G because of it? Specifically, if I change the NIC to a 10G card (and network switch), would I transfer to my cache drive at 10G instead?
  2. Hi all, I've been setting up UnRAID for the first time and having a blast. Now that initial drive setup and files are transferred, I've setup my parity drive. However, transfers to the drives is very slow (~50 MBps) even between the Win10 VM and the server itself. For comparison, disk to disk transfer via Krusader is ~150 MBps, Preclear/parity was ~190 MBps. Transfer over the network, prior to the parity drive was 130 MBps (in line w/ gigabit ethernet). These are all numbers without a cache drive. So question is, 1) how do I get it past 50 MBps or is this a limitation o
  3. I was able to get 6.9beta30 to boot w/ GUI only. I can't produce a diagnostic b/c it just crashes/reboots immediately when booting headless. I imagine it's because of the new kernel reacting to the iGPU - which would explain why it works under GUI mode? System CPU: Intel i7-6700k, integrated GPU Mobo: Asus Z270-A Prime GPU: Asus GT 1030 Drives: Lite-On 256 GB SATA M2, 2 TB AData XPG 8200 Pro, 5x12 TB WD Red
  4. Hi, I think it would be really useful to see what kinds of CPU/motherboard /GPU/HBA combinations that people are using [successfully] with unraid so we have an idea of what has worked and will likely work? Sifting through forums is possible but often neglects certain things. It shouldn't be hard to create a poll / profile where you put in your components and then show the results?
  5. I'm having a similar problem, where the VM worked in 6.8.3 and upon upgrading the 6.9beta30, it completely dies. Even downgrading back to 6.8.3 doesn't fix it. After further restarts, Unraid doesn't even start...
  6. I tried reverting back to 2.8.3, but that doesn't fix it. As far as I can tell, the only difference, when upgrading from 2.8.3 to 2.9beta30 was that machine went from i440fx-4.2 to 5.1. Going back to 2.8.3 changed it back to 4.2, but it doesn't work anymore. In a previous test, I had gotten this to work in 2.8.3, upgraded to 2.9 and it died. I thought it was something wrong w/ me, so I downgraded to 2.8.3 and it still didn't work. HOWEVER, a completely clean 2.8.3 will setup the VM properly and run it. When I try to make a 2.9beta30 flash drive, that refuses to boot in my system...
  7. If I understand correctly, you could run two SSDs in your cache, thus it effectively backs up your VM? That could get expensive, of course... Another option is to have a SSD as an unassigned device, and then put your Plex cache data on that?
  8. Hiya, I'm new to Unraid 6.8.3 and just got my baremetal W10 passthrough to boot, via SpaceInvaders videos. The system is completely clean and works properly. Since the system is brand new anyway, I thought I'd upgrade to 6.9beta30 to make sure everything works. Unfortunately, the beta completely breaks my VM even though there aren't any crazy modifications (I only passed through an NVMe). Instead I get a mapping table? Please help! System: Unraid 6.9beta30 CPU - Intel 6700k (Skylake - which supposedly means no ACS override, but multifunction+down
  9. I tried this but it didn't work. Just making sure I did the correct thing: completely new install. I had stubbed the NVMe, then unstubbed it, and referred to the NVMe by it's id (the whole drive). Did I do that correctly? Should I refer to one of the partitions in particular?
  10. Hiya, I'm having the same dilemma - Windows qbittorrent has more features and is easier to use than the WebGUI (which is required by docker). And then I'd want Plex running somewhere, but not sure where to put it. LIke you, I'm thinking of just running everything in the Windows VM to share resources etc. In my particular case, I don't ever see myself transcoding while I'm using the VM for gaming, so there shouldn't be any undue effects. It also simplifies my hardware setup - right now, I have a little M2 256GB drive for Unraid cache, but if I were to run Plex in a docker, I'd defin
  11. Yeah, the community seems great Precisely! Do motherboard USBs not count as separate controllers? I have several (3) front-panel connectors for at least 6 USB devices. In Windows, they tend to show up as separate controllers - do they also show up that way in Unraid? re: GPU - you're suggest to let Unraid/Docker have the iGPU for Plex and then use a cheap GPU for the Windows VM? Do I have to designate the iGPU to the Plex docker (or is that a shared resource of unraid)? And second, if Plex never has to transcode, then it doesn't need a GPU unit, right?
  12. hehe, I understand your concerns I'm a little on the fence too... But, 1) Unraid seems like a lot of fun 2) Storage spaces is horrible for parity. Performance goes to literally 10 MB/s. 3) I am considering RAID5, but that means I lose the ability to incrementally increase my storage - at the very least, I have to get 4 HDDs at a time to increase the array
  13. Hi all, I'm likely to setup an UnRAID for the first time and am looking for feedback/suggestions! Pressing questions: 1) How big of a cache do you think is optimal? What format should it be (M2 NVMe, M2 SATA, SATA SSD)? 2) How would you organize HDDs for torrenting to minimize wear on the array? For example, I have a spare 500GB HDD that I could designate as the location for incomplete torrents before it transfer to cache/array 3) Do I need a discrete GPU for the Windows VM? Specifically, can Unraid run w/o using the iGPU so my simple Windows VM can run on the iGPU?