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LSI SAS 9240-8i prevents boot (fans on, no display)

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Hi folks, trying to turn an old computer into an Unraid box but failing so far...


RAID Card: LSI SAS 9240-8i (FW:P20 9211-8I IT Mode)

Computer: Intel DQ67OW, i7 2600K, 16GB RAM


Really peculiar fault... When I install the RAID card and start up the computer, I can hear the fans turn on at max speed but nothing else happens. No beeps, no blinks, just fans at max speed and no display on the monitor.


With the card removed, computer boots as expected. Gone through pretty much every single setting on the BIOS with no luck.


I know that the PCI-E slot works because I had a GPU plugged in before I swapped it for the RAID Card (Only slot the RAID card will fit on this motherboard) and I know the integrated graphics work because I can boot into Windows without the RAID card plugged in. I actually bought two of these RAID cards (1 to use, 1 spare) and I see the same behaviour on both cards.


Have not seen this before and a bit puzzled, eventually I would like to turn this old computer into an Unraid box (hence the replacement of the GPU with this RAID card) but I am a bit stumped. Any suggestions?



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