gui is very slow [6.8.3]

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This has happen over night, that for some reason I am not able to navigate my GUI or access any of my dockers

I have read a few posts and it looks like no one has found the course, and hopefully someone can help me


this started on the 2/12/2020 when I got home and discovered that I was no able to navigate my Unraid or even log into it, so I rebooted and got back in, and I put it down to a hiccup, but today I have been playing around and trying to get in, but I am still finding my GUI VERY VERY Slow or to the point not working.


the things I have found are:  Dashboard no working

all my hard drives are spinning and being read and I am not able to spin them down.

Shares, users settings are fine.

plugins  take a very long time to load up

dockers page don't load

app page hangs

Plex Stream, Stats and Tools all load


before I rebooted




and also my diagnostics in the hope someone can see the issue.


and now when I try and log back in after a reboot, I am getting no GUI at all, and when I look at the GUI on the host itself I am inform that 

Unable to connect  try again   but I am able to ping it


update:   I am now able to get in, after 10 mins pinging between the two, and refreashing the screens.  -  I didn't change anything

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Unraid it's running out of RAM, and there's very little available, I don't know what this is but it's using a lot of CPU:


19038 root      20   0 3289276 126040      0 D 189.5   0.8 361:02.02 influxd


If you don't know which app is it boot in safe mode with all dockers disable them start enabling one by one.

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