• 6.10rc1 Thunderbolt support

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    Glad to see that Unraid is getting proper Thunderbolt support

    I have a few question about the support

    1.how do I authorizea device?

    for now I use 99-removable.rules in /etc/udev to remove security but it's not permanent and required after every boot.

    is there an equivalent to (for example) boltd/boltctl?

    2.I can manually use "ifconig thunderbolt0 IP up" to assign ip and activate the interface

    but it's still not showing under the gui "network settings"

    3.after doing the above manually, my Mac see Tower under system report

    but it won't connect even after giving the thunderbolt static ip in same subnet

    (tower is and Mac is which is different from my router pool)

    so in the end, network isn't working 


    attached unraid diagnostics, ifconfig output from tower and relevant mac settings


    any help/guide will be appreciated.





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    +1.. This is an important factor for my built as it dictates my motherboard choice.


    If you can get thunderbolt data transfers, then there's no need for 10GbE ethernet networking for folks who just have one device they want to do fast transfer speeds for (e.g. for mac backups).


    In fact, TB3 (or USB4/TB4) would provide ~4x the data transfer speed for 10GbE without additional equipment/networking required for folks with thunderbolt devices! That's huge!

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    On 11/10/2021 at 11:23 AM, Dtrain said:


    looks like TB3/TB4 support is broken in rc2 again

    after reverted back to rc1 all works fine (again)

    Did you get this working on mac?

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    Hi all just wanted to confirm I got thunderbolt storage working in unraid with an add on card.  Relatively simple in the end.


    Details here:


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    On 9/6/2021 at 4:50 AM, Omri said:

    Another update

    when using Windows 10 - it doesn't matter if the device is eth* or thunderbolt*

    I can establish connection (shows as 20gb/s) but it's not reliable

    from pc to tower link is very slow, few mb/s

    from tower to pc it's not as fast as it should be but it's better +/- 4gb/s

    not matter if coping file or using iperf3 (one time as client and other as server)

    maybe it's a driver issue...


    when switching to mac os - still can't establish connection (although my mac is recognized in tower)


    tower booted with ubuntu instead of unraid:

    with windows same behaviour

    with mac os - full speed both ways


    out of ideas :)





    @OmriAny updates regarding establishing thunderbolt network connection between macOS and Unraid? I read about your updates about PC<->Unraid still being unstable on 6.11rc4. Did you try macOS and it's still not working? Looking to improve speed bewteen Unraid and my Mac but can't seem to find much infomation/experiences on the forum or even anywhere on the Internet.🥲

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    Yeah I need to get back onto this I have been away for many months, should be back next week but who knows when I'll have the time to get back to it.  I too would love a higher speed highway between Mac and unraid.  I have a few 10G cards, but they're expensive to get a matching one for a MacBook so thunderbolt should be a simpler and more fast solution in theory!

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