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  1. Hi is it possible for Cloudflare-DDNS to update both IPV4 and IPV6? what's the syntax for these ("," or ";" doesn't seem to work. Thnaks
  2. Found solution which works for me: under the ddns docker set network to none and under extra prameters set --net=container:swag
  3. Hi I'm using several Dockers on br0 network I have dynamic IP which change often Been using cloudflareddns to update my A/AAAA records but one thing I still don't understand: Every docker under br0 has it own unique IPV6 (as it should be) - how do I update this in cloudflare DNS? Currently its updating the host IPV6 (or the cloudflareddns specific IPV6 if on br0). Thanks
  4. Hi Is the problem still relevant for 6.10 rc4? And where can I find the list of affected drive models? I currently have one Seagate drive in my array, and lsi HBA on the way (other disks are wd red pro). My Seagate drive is ST12000NM0008
  5. Hi Thanks for this tool, I have one question Does it run in the background? What happens if I close the browser during move operation, will it continue till completion?
  6. Any chance that thunderbolt networking would be supported in future versions? It's working ootb in other Linux distros (and of course in Mac and windows). As of now, even after setting up in ifconfig it's not visible in network settings and IP link showing its always down. Thanks
  7. RC4 fixed the problem with the certificate provision Thanks
  8. It's supposedly related to IPV6 configuration. Let's hope it will be fixed in rc4
  9. Here are my results really appreciate your help
  10. Hi Any clue what causing the "DNS Propagation is PENDING" problem?
  11. Any updates on the "DNS Propagation is PENDING" problem?
  12. Here it is Thanks
  13. Unfortunately my router (nest wifi) doesn't have this option. The way to disable DNS rebinding is mentioned here: And it used to work until rc3
  14. Any solution to get out of "DNS Propagation is PENDING"? my system has IPV6+IPV4 at first, GUI address was ip6.hash after deleting the certificate and provisioning it's stuck at the above. can't use ssl for GUI now