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  1. Thanks for the solution works great!
  2. Solved after testing which plugin was the culprit in my case it was (I guess) "Tips and Tweaks" don't even remember when (or why) it was installed
  3. Hi i Know there are multiple threads with this issue, but I didn't find the solution in any of them in my case, after reboot there are no shares and of course docker isn't working it's not related to ad blocker or to network stat plugin if I stop the array and start it again the shares reappear. reboot does not solve the problem, only stopping and restarting the array. any help would be appreciated.
  4. @ich777 I would like to thank you for your efforts, Trying to add support for thunderbolt It's really not obvious to invest your time the way you did trying to help a stranger. 🙏
  5. @ich777 Thank you any way to test your compiled version of boltd?
  6. @Dtrain Hi I also contacted Lime Technology but got no response. (Even responding that it's not planned is better than completely ignoring the inquiry).
  7. Sorry for the misunderstanding It's not working in Unraid I meant Linux kernel in general
  8. Hi, thank you for the replay AFAIK, it's supported natively in the linux kernel regarding the authorization, you are correct in my case, I disabled the security in the bios and it's working without any need to authorize tested with debian (OMV) and ububtu (20.04)
  9. Hi Any chance that I can enable thunderbolt networking with this tool? Thanks in advance
  10. I can confirm it's not working in unraid latest beta It does in OMV, Ubuntu, Windows, OS X
  11. Thanks for the replays @Dtrain - did you tried latest beta? The kernel should support thunderbolt 3.
  12. Hi i'm building my first system, and I really want fast networking to my main computer (which has thunderbolt 3 - titan ridge) I can't seem to find if unraid will allow me use thunderbolt 3 networking (10gbps) to another pc/mac the kernel seems to support it, but I didn't find anyone with that setup. Thanks in advance