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    Hello everyone, For a little while my unraid server is crashing randomly The system is no longer accessible and I have no choice but to reset Can someone help me if you please?
    sorry my english is not very good


    french topic






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    Jan  2 00:20:43 Tower kernel: BTRFS warning (device nvme0n1p1): csum failed root 5 ino 547172 off 6500392960 csum 0x1e06e4fa expected csum 0x18921f09 mirror 1
    Jan  2 00:20:43 Tower kernel: BTRFS error (device nvme0n1p1): bdev /dev/nvme0n1p1 errs: wr 0, rd 0, flush 0, corrupt 17, gen 0

    @JorgeB would probably be best to advise on this one.


    Also, why check for docker updates twice an hour?

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