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  1. foXaCe

    freeze system

    how can i do a test? do you need more log?
  2. ok merci je vais regarder ca
  3. Hello everyone, For a little while my unraid server is crashing randomly The system is no longer accessible and I have no choice but to reset Can someone help me if you please? sorry my english is not very good french topic
  4. Bonjour, voila et merci de ton aide
  5. Bonjour à vous tous, Depuis un petit moment mon serveur unraid plante de façon aléatoire Le système n’est plus accessible et je n’ai pas d’autre choix que de faire reset Quelqu’un peut-il m’aider s'il vous plait ?
  6. Hello, Has anyone managed to configure wireguard (* NordLynx) with nordvpn?
  7. how to please ? 2) use a hosts file in pihole where it has your static ip address to each client.
  8. Hello, how is it to make that the name of the client goes up well?
  9. hello, how to hide this please ?