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  • [6.6.1] GUI doesnt ever finish loading, causes stutter in VMs

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    After seeing that lstopo\hwloc had been added in the GUI on 6.6.1 I decided to give it a go today...

    The server boots and the array comes up (including docker and VMs), but the login screen never loads properly, and each time it tries, there's a noticable 0.5second stutter in VMs.




    video of what the gui is doing on the screen: https://youtu.be/Gw_U-OLKIIw

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    i to have same problem, am unable to boot in GUI mode, loops the gui loading process over and over, apears to no longer support the onboard graphic for some reason, does however alow remote gui loggin so i was able to access it on tablet and launch VM's

    attaching my diagnostics file aswell, hopefuly this gets fxed fast,... i fear in this state any error preventing remote sesion would mean Game Over...


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    Try one of the following:

    1. Change your BIOS to start in UEFI mode

      - Make sure your flash device is the ONLY bootable device, i.e. all other devices are disabled

      - Rename the folder EFI- on your flash device to EFI (remove the dash)

    2. Change your BIOS to start in Legacy mode

      - Rename the folder EFI on your flash device to EFI- (add a dash)


    Note: Update your BIOS to the latest available version

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    I know we say this all the time, and most of the time it doesn't make a difference, but sometimes it does: please try a Safe-mode boot and see if issue persists.

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    please grab /var/log/Xorg.0.log and post it here.  Might help reveal some more details about the display issues you're seeing.

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    We've made a bunch of changes to the desktop gui mode in 6.6.2 to help with these types of issues.  Please retest.

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