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  • Syslinux Configuration uses wrong GUI element

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    In the Syslinux configuration there are checkboxes at the end of every option.


    You can't uncheck a selected option and you can't select more than one option. You need to select a new option to uncheck the previously selected option.


    For this kind of options the GUI element radiobutton was invented.


    It took me several attempts to find out that I can't uncheck the selected option. I even did stop the array because I thought that this option can only be changed while array is stopped.



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    What you describe is a radiobutton, no checkbox. Definetely.


    Here are two example sites where you can play with both controls. You want a radiobutton, definetely:







    A checkbox is the wrong control for a selection like that. It's simply confusing if you are used to traditional User Interfaces. Changing a checkbox should _never_ change another checkbox in the same set of checkbox controls. And in addition a checkbox does exist to switch them on or off.


    Out of a set of radiobuttons one and only one can be switched on. If you switch a radiobutton to on, the other button that was switched on before, goes off.


    Out of a set of checkboxes all, none or individual checkboxes can be switched on or off. To accomplish that every single checkbox reacts on it's individual handling.


    On that Unraid page you can't switch a checkbox off (wrong handling of a checkbox) and to make it worse switching a checkbox to on does switch another checkbox off.


    Out of thousands pages of existing documentation let me show you these:




    The important text is this:

    - Radio buttons allow the user to select one option from a set.


    - Checkboxes allow the user to select one or more options from a set. [...] Because a set of checkbox options allows the user to select multiple items, each checkbox is managed separately [...]


    Handling of stuff like that goes back to Common User Access (IBM, Microsoft) from the 70s/80s in the last century. Standard controls like Radiobuttons and Checkboxes did not change their meaning in these ~40 years.


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    Deleted my post before you replied, as I thought you were complaining about the operation, and not the type of button.

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