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  1. Unfortunately, I have tried everything I could think of and have no idea how to stop it without forcing an unsafe shutdown. One time it shutdown like it was supposed to (I think because I caught it so fast) but all other times it hung. I close out everything I can, all other dockers and VM's, issue a shutdown and then hold the power button 15 minutes later. You have to do a parity check after this but otherwise I had no noticeable ill effects. I can happily say that I am at 67 days server uptime with no issues. The redis changes seemed to be the last things I needed to ma
  2. Well after 34 days server uptime, it finally happened again. I will try the redis container for Nextcloud cache thing that @jcsnider suggested and report back how it goes. You should hear from me in about 45 days if it seems to be working or earlier if it doesn't work. 🤞
  3. Maybe, I just didn't even think to try that time because the other two times it didn't work. The two main times it has happened to me was about 30 days uptime. The third time I was only at maybe a week uptime but I had the container offline the whole time and only had it started for like the last 5 minutes of uptime. Mine runs once every 8 hours. I noticed the two main times it happened that my mover was stuck. I ran the command mover stop and it did actually stop but that did not help safely shutdown or get the diagnostics data. I have my parity check schedul
  4. By the way, I just wanted to confirm that this was true for me. After it locked up, I performed a shutdown and though it took an extra minute or two, it was actually able to safely shutdown. The other 2-3 times this has happened, I could not shutdown because the docker service couldn't stop nextcloud. Maybe because I caught it so fast yesterday it didn't completely lock everything up.
  5. I guess I should have been a bit more specific earlier. I added 'tempdirectory' => '/tmp/nextcloudtemp/', to my config.php in nextcloud and I added upload_tmp_dir = /tmp/php/ to my php-local.ini and then I mapped /tmp --> /mnt/user/appdata/nextcloud/temp which would technically be /data/temp. I was not but after you brought it up, I read about it and it sounds beneficial to our use case. I'm adding it now, did you have this enabled before? @jcsnider I will do that too. Is it still working?
  6. Wow, so I started up my container to get the version info for my previous comment and a couple of minutes later it 504'd. I ran the command and got the following: root@Nighthawk:~# ps axl | awk '$10 ~ /D/' 4 99 6321 14590 20 0 127440 37480 - D ? 0:00 php7 -f /config/www/nextcloud/cron.php 4 99 7676 14590 20 0 127440 39696 - D ? 0:00 php7 -f /config/www/nextcloud/cron.php 5 99 19593 14579 20 0 260996 24004 - D ? 0:00 php-fpm: pool www 5 99 20230 14579 20 0 261060 23412 - D ? 0:00 php-fpm: pool
  7. I am running Unraid v6.8.0-rc7 and Nextcloud 19.0.5 (I know my unraid version is old old but I needed the the linux kernal in this version and they reverted it all v6.8.x after this RC. I will be updating to v6.9-RC1 soon after I read about any potential issues people may be having). Unfortunately, I gave up and performed an unsafe shutdown. My nextcloud docker isn't even running right now because I didn't have time to deal with this if it happened again but I will start it back up later today. Yes, I have a LSI Logic SAS 9207-8i Storage Controller LSI00301. T
  8. Did you ever figure this out? I am having a similar issue. I noticed I couldn't log into my nextcloud today and attempted to restart the container in the GUI but it wouldn't stop. I tried the following commands in an ssh console but it just waited without doing anything: docker stop nextcloud docker kill nextcloud docker rm --force nextcloud Trying to download the unraid diagnostics in the webGUI results in endless waiting. Typing "diagnostics" in an ssh console resulted in "Starting diagnostics collection..." for over 12 hours and nothing was created in the /boot/logs folder. I
  9. This is a bug that slipped through the cracks. I believe I have a fix for it that will be implemented in the version 2.0.0 update. It's taken me a little while to get this update done as I have been pretty busy lately. I might just push the update early once I get to a stopping point with the current feature I am working on.
  10. I saw your issue on github, my response is below: To add the `--restart always` flag on unraid, enable advanced view on your container settings, go to the `Extra Parameters:` option and put `--restart always`.
  11. @KINO The intention behind the role mentions is that the channel the notifications feed into is muted and set to notify @mentions only. That way the user is not constantly spammed by all notifications but rather the ones that matter to them. You can manually give shows a role using the bot commands if it didn't auto create it for the desired show. Firing off messages once per day is not currently possible. That gave me the idea of being able to set quiet hours, where the bot caches all messages during the window and sends them out once quiet hours are over. I will look into adding that;
  12. @Roken Sorry for such a late response. I'm not sure why this would be an issue. It looks like you have a webroot set to /plog/ on Tautulli. That means when you access the main UI page for tautulli the address is The only other thing I can think of is for you to double check that you api is enabled in Settings > Web Interface > API > Enable API.
  13. @Fiservedpi You don't need to worry about generating images in the sub-folders or anything, Tautulli can provide image URL's. The image URL has to be publicly accessible and is automatically grabbed from Tautulli when the notification is pushed. To use this, enable image hosting in Tautulli. Go to Settings > 3rd Party APIs and select an option from the Image Host drop down. I self host my Tautulli now but in the past I have used Imgur with no problems.
  14. Even if you don't select the movie react roles with `!notifications edit`, the #notifications channel you set up will still receive recently added movie notifications, just with no roles if none are enabled.
  15. @Fiservedpi As of right now it doesn't connect to Radarr. You can have 2 types of movie based notifications though, triggered by the self-generated Tautulli recently added webhook. There is an All Movies react role and a New Movies react role (set if the movie was released within the last 9 months). These can be enabled with `!notifications edit`. I have a few cool ideas brewing that may need a Radarr connection, so that may be a thing in the future.
  16. @Reldnahc I apologize for my oversight on this issue. I have a small library and neglected to envision what would happen with a larger library. All the Discord embeds that I could see exceeding limitations go through checks now and split up into multiple messages to prevent an error like this one. It should be fixed now, click on the advanced view in docker containers to force an update now or click check for updates at the bottom of the docker page and then apply update to the docker container. You will know if you have this update if the !bot info command shows Bot Version 1.2.2
  17. I have tested and confirmed that that error is the result of an invalid Discord Bot Token. Make sure you have a valid Token in the template and try again. Go to Click on your Bot application or make a new one. On that application click the bot tab and copy the Token and use it in your template.
  18. Thanks, I updated the guide. That error means that you hit the Discord Server Role Limit which I had not accounted for until now. Go ahead and check for updates and you should have bot version 1.2.1. I adjusted the code to work around the limit so it should be functional but you will still have that error in your logs. By the way, !notifications preview is a new command that can be used in place of !notifications list when experimenting, I created it because the bot now tracks the most recent call of !notifications list and updates the emoji reactions on bot startup to re
  19. Okay, so it looks like changing the webroot does have an effect. It looks like you changed the webroot to add the /tautulli then. I changed the code to allow webroot overrides by leaving the port field blank. Go ahead and check for docker updates or force apply and you should have bot version 1.1.6. What you need to do is leave the Tautulli port field in the template blank and instead put the full root path in the ip section. So in your case put as the ip and the port field empty. If you changed the webroot for Sonarr then do the same thing for that. I will go ahead
  20. Also, does take you to your Tautulli home page? If it does, I imagine the base url change shouldn't have effected the api.
  21. For what its worth, I'm using the linuxserver version and its fine. My web interface settings look like this and its behind a nginx proxy but the bot accesses it locally so it has no problems. Did you change the HTTP Root section?
  22. First off, thanks for the log info and that screen capture. You clearly have the ip and port correct because of the "Powered by CherryPy 5.1.0" footer. If the api key was wrong it would still return a json saying invalid API key. Instead, its returning a html 404 error which is why the bot doesn't errors. I can reproduce the same 404 error page on my own Tautuill service by entering an invalid path. It's like your Tautulli api endpoint doesn't exist. This is very strange. The only thing I can suggest right now is to check if your Tautulli is up-to-date but I doubt that will make a difference.
  23. After doing some more digging, I discovered that Tautulli's api can also return xml even though json is the default. Since it returned with < at position 0, I can only assume it returned xml. I made some changes to force it to return json and the container update is live, its bot version 1.1.5. Click on the advanced view in docker containers to force an update now or click check for updates at the bottom of the docker page and then apply update. If it's still returning this same error after the update let me know and I will enable some more debugging to see whats going on.
  24. That's strange, is there anything else in the logs? I imagine its referring to the tautulli.js file at line 104 but I'm not sure what could cause an error like this. After some searching it appears that a TLS encrypted tautulli could have caused this. Do you by chance normally access tautulli with https? If so, just add that to your ip, so for your case it would be in the ip section of the template.
  25. Okay, cool, glad to hear. That was a weird issue you were having and I may need to dig a little deeper if someone else has the same problem.