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  1. I'm going to remove this from my server. Besides removing the containers, port forwarding, and reverse proxy config. Anything else?
  2. Know what helps a lot? Making sure that your wireless access points are not blocking AirPrint.....
  3. Nope. What’s the proper mapping? Is there documentation that I’m just missing out on?
  4. I’m able to add a printer manually to CUPS, but not via network discover. Logs show 31/Dec/2020:09:11:32 -0500] Unable to communicate with avahi-daemon: Daemon not running
  5. So this might of been a lost cause. Can I use CUPS to publish my wireless printer so that i can print via my iOS devices? I’ve setup a print share inside of CUPS, i can see that printer share on my desktop, but nothing on iOS devices.
  6. Got it started Under the Extra Parameters in advanced view I added "-e CUPS_USER_ADMIN=admin -e CUPS_USER_PASSWORD=password"
  7. Same question, I didn't see any other options. I wish there was more documentation about how to set this up on UnRaid. Just want to publish my Samsun wireless printer so my iPhone/iPad can also print. So far I've gotten to the user/password prompt but it does not accept the defaults mentioned above.
  8. Thanks got it. is there a GUI or just command line for CUPS? If just command line is the place to read up?
  9. Is this still available? I don’t see CUPS or anything print related under “gfjardim” name in the APPS tab.
  10. I'm running MakeMKV on my desktop (MacOS 10.15). My Unraid box only has a low profile DVD drive. Also, I CAN'T BELIEVE I"VE BEEN USING IT WRONG ALL THESE YEARS AND ADDING A STEP W/ HANDBRAKE. OMG I guess the question I'll have to answer is it worth it to keep a full disk backup going forward for archival purposes, or just the resulting MKV file. THANK YOU
  11. Maybe my workflow is wrong. How should I rip a Blu-ray? HandBrake doesn’t support the disk natively (right?). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I’m using MakeMKV to do a BluRay disk backup. Then I use handbrake to make a single file. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. No luck. [autovideoconverter] Waiting 5 seconds before processing '/watch/Spectre/MAKEMKV/discattd.dat'... [autovideoconverter] File '/watch/Spectre/MAKEMKV/discattd.dat' (8de69881fcb97f0f8725d587f309de8d) is not a video, ignoring... [autovideoconverter] Conversion ended successfully. [autovideoconverter] Waiting 5 seconds before processing '/watch/Spectre/BDMV'... [autovideoconverter] File '/watch/Spectre/BDMV' (f4fbd679e3e1aa1bd673c32cc6793dd1) is not a video, ignoring... [autovideoconverter] Conversion ended successfully. [autovideoconverter] File '/watch/Spectre/BDMV' (f4fbd67
  14. Correct about the film. I’ve tried with another rip (Inside Out) and the same results. I’ve also stop/started the container before. I’ll try clearing the two folders you mentioed Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk