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  1. Same question as above. Exact same scenario. Changed from :preview to :latest and all config is gone. Had to go back to :preview in the meantime.
  2. Tried using this and I'm only getting connect_error no matter what I try. May just revert to the other one i had working via dockerhub. EDIT: OK, got it working by using the sample nginx config straight from SyncLounge instead of the one from LSIO/SWAG.
  3. It's an issue between sonarr and qbittorrent. Not much else you can do other than update to sonarr v3 or downgrade to a qbittorrent version that works.
  4. Update, fixed this by reverting to an old appdata backup for nextcloud. Removed the install .step file so it's not stuck at Step 4. Then used "docker exec -it nextcloud updater.phar". I think I'll use that to update from now on and completely avoid using the UI, since the UI always gives me random issues.
  5. Of course now that I'm trying to work out of an older backup and try to do an update, nextcloud's damn SSL certificate expired... I've just about had it with all the random issues you can run into when trying to update this thing. Will try again tomorrow I guess.
  6. My install of nextcloud is now completely borked. I really, really, REALLY hate updating this thing. This is what's happening after occ upgrade. Followed the steps in the first post, but upgrading to 18.0.8 (currently on 18.0.7). An unhandled exception has been thrown: Error: Class 'Doctrine\DBAL\Types\Types' not found in /config/www/nextcloud/apps/user_status/lib/Migration/Version0001Date20200602134824.php:52 Would appreciate tips in getting past this. I'm so close to just giving up on nextcloud altogether.
  7. Damn, not sure what happened then. Everything was fine yesterday. LetsEncrypt status looks fine, no errors. Going to try router reboot I guess.
  8. Any advice on this? Not able to make the automation work even with the official docker. Keep getting bad gateway if I enable autojoin.
  9. I'm getting this issue almost every day now. Really not sure what's causing it. I saw in previous pages that 3 or so other people are having the same issue. What's a good place to start figuring this out? I have to restart the container almost daily at this point. But it fixes it instantly.
  10. I've been getting issues with trackers not connecting at all (status is Not Working in the WebUI). As soon as I restart the docker container it connects fine. I don't even know where to begin troubleshooting tbh. VPN seems to be working since I'm able to see the WebUI and a restart of the docker works fine. Haven't really seen much when searching for tracker not working in this thread.
  11. Anyone know how to re-index videos that already exist? Basically I updated the docker to the new version, but had to add tzdata to fix the timezone issue. But now it doesn't see my older videos in the folder anymore. Super frustrating.
  12. Thank you, got it working. Apologies, I completely missed the new posts on the previous page.
  13. Sorry, still experiencing this issue. Using latest Firefox 73.0 (64-bit). Unraid 6.8.2 App I'm trying to install is DuckDNS displayed.json
  14. Having the same problem as the other guy. Unable to re-install an already existing docker as well. Same error message and happens as soon as you press the reinstall button.