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  1. I am having a similar issue after updating to Unraid 6.9 Edit: switching to nightly build and rebooting my system fixed it for me
  2. Ahh ok that makes sense, alright I'll move it over. I'm just hoping my docker containers/settings can come out of all of this mostly unscathed
  3. Yeah that seems to be the case. I'll mount it, pull what I need, format it, and then add it to the array When my original drive failed I bought this 2tb drive. From all that I read it seemed as though I needed to preclear the new drive before I did anything with it. Originally it was NTFS but after the preclear UD said it was xfs (and still does).
  4. Ahh well I'm an idiot, so what do I do now? Do I start a new config without the new drive, mount it, and move everything from it using Midnight Commander to an external, format it, then put everything back on?
  5. God dang it man I'm sorry to keep bugging you, but I did it and now this is what it shows me. I precleared the 2tb drive and it said the filesystem was xfs before I added it to the array
  6. Since I do not have a parity drive and there's no rebuild process, how do I get past this? It won't let me start the array with the new one nor assigning no device to that slot
  7. Ahh ok that makes a lot more sense to me then, thanks!
  8. Oh alright I'll give that a shot. Thanks for all your help so far I really do appreciate it!
  9. Sorry I will try to clarify. I did not have a parity drive when all of this happened. My 1.5tb external drive failed so I bought a 2tb internal drive to replace it. I used ddrescue to transfer whatever I could from the 1.5tb to the 2tb drives. Now in my array I need to add the 2tb drive, but Unraid will clear it of any data before adding I'm assuming. Since there's no parity drive, there's nothing to rebuild. So I'm moving whatever data that was recovered to yet another external drive, separate from the failed one, so that I can add the 2tb into the array and then transfer the data back on to it. After that I will be adding the 12tb drive I bought for parity. Overall its a very convoluted problem that I could have avoided with having a parity drive. After all of this there will be no more usb drives in the array
  10. Ahh I did not know that, I'm very new to Unraid. I'm trying it now, I'm going to move the stuff to an external drive, add the new 2tb drive to the array, and then transfer everything back to the new 2tb drive
  11. That was my idea as well, but I don't have any dockers with the failed drive assigned in the array. I'll have to try installing a new Krusader docker and see if I can do it that way
  12. No I would definitely not like for it to be cleared since it was the destination for my ddrescue operation. How am I supposed to get the data from it then?
  13. Hey I just had a followup question. So I bought a 2tb internal drive to copy the data from the failed 1.5tb external drive and i ran ddrescue. Seemingly it went well. I want to unassign the 1.5tb drive and add the 2tb one in it's place, will Unraid clear it before making it usable? Or will it just add it so i can see if the copied data was successful?
  14. Alright once I try ddrescue, hopefully it works, then I will make sure to set that up along with a parity drive
  15. Yeah it's definitely not an ideal setup at all. I have to get a drive to be able to clone to and give it a try. Would this potentially fix my docker containers as well?
  16. So last night I logged into my server to see that there was an error with one of my disks and now it is telling me it has no filesystem and is unmountable. Unfortunately when I saw the error I restarted hoping to fix the problem, so my log file for that drive is empty. All of my docker containers are gone as well and I'm not really sure what to do since I am very new to Unraid. Any suggestions?
  17. I’ll give it a shot, I appreciate the help!
  18. Dang I did not know that, so I still have to delete my database files? I know it was set to back up every day, could I restore from that?
  19. Hey I’m hoping you guys can help me out. Plex is no longer functional for me, giving me an error about too many retries and it entered a fatal state. This happened once before and I had to fix it with deleting my database files. I would really like to avoid that this time. Does anyone know of a fix and can I avoid this in the future?