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  1. Ok, so do you mean you bought a new OEM version like mine (9217-4i4e)? If so, that's great! Please let me know how it goes!!
  2. Hello everyone! I'm really new to flashing SAS cards. I received this card from my brother for free. He bought it and couldn't get it to work and it is past the return window. I was wondering how to flash this one to I.T Mode. Everything I search just has people talking about buying an already flashed card. Or just getting a different model. I'm not looking to buy another card. I can live without this, but it would be pretty awesome to get it to work to pool JBOD LSI SAS9217-4i4e - HP If anyone has leads for this, I would be very grateful
  3. Hello everyone, I've had Unraid for a few months now running on my i7-3770K. It's been great, but i'm looking to take that MOBO and CPU out and give it to one of my brothers. I recently got a used 2009/10 MAC Pro. I was planning on stripping the ram and the dual CPUs from it and putting them into a MOBO that is compatible with them and UNRAID. My budget is $100 for the MOBO because I still would need heatsink/fans, and possibly a newer power supply. Below is what I currently have. I also attached a SPEC sheet of the PC. CPU: 2 x Intel Xeon X5570 - Gai