*Help*- Flash IT Mode - LSI SAS9217-4i4e - HP

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Hello everyone!

I'm really new to flashing SAS cards.

I received this card from my brother for free. He bought it and couldn't get it to work and it is past the return window.


I was wondering how to flash this one to I.T Mode.

Everything I search just has people talking about buying an already flashed card. Or just getting a different model.

I'm not looking to buy another card. I can live without this, but it would be pretty awesome to get it to work to pool JBOD


LSI SAS9217-4i4e - HP


If anyone has leads for this, I would be very grateful! 




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I too am interested in this purely because now I think I want the external port, rather than spend £25 on a PCI adapter to add a port.  There must've been a reason I discounted this model when making my original purchase.  I found this OEM board on eBay.  Original board is the LSI 9207-4i4e (non-OEM) version I believe.

Update: Bought one, found firmware on the Broadcom website, once it arrives I'll let you know if it's successful

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I have the OEM version too.

Tried flashing the card today using the method outlined here - https://forums.serverbuilds.net/t/guide-updating-your-lsi-sas-controller-with-a-uefi-motherboard/131
The FW file includes HBA_9207_4i4e_IT and HBA_9217_4i4e_IR, FW v 20.

Simple and straight forward.  Used a PC I know worked flashing before.  Switched over to IT mode with little effort.


Tested it - works (well, I can see drives in the SAS config).  I need to test the external port next, then finally in Unraid (will get a trial USB setup).

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