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  1. https://docs.broadcom.com/docs/12350476 That is the link I used on my HP HBA card, it's the file called 9207_4i4e_Package_P20_IR_IT_FW_BIOS_for_MSDOS_Windows.zip
  2. I had the same issue today, for a good 10 minutes no GUI, but eventually it came back.
  3. I tried pulling a previous docker image down, but can't get that working. How can we pull the previous image? I thought I could change the repository setting like we did recently for influx (influxdb:1.8.4).
  4. Can't speak for new poster, but my issue was setting up 4 drives then realising the slowest one is parity.
  5. Drive 1 - Parity -> Data Drive 2 - Data -> Parity Drive 3 - New Data Add drive D3 unbalance drive D2 onto D3 set D2 as 2nd parity Remove parity D1 add D1 back into array? Just found info from nxtiak "You have 2 parity drives. parity is valid and array is protected. Remove 1 parity drive and making it a data drive, while it's formatting, array is unprotected because you're missing 1 parity. When that new data drive is formatted and ready to go, array is still unprotected because system detects you're missing the 2nd parity drive. That's why you need to go to Tools and click New Config, it'll tell the system "this setup is valid, go make a new parity on the single parity drive". As its creating the new parity, your array is unprotected." So whether I add a 2nd parity, or just remove the 1st parity, whilst reconfiguring it's unprotected?
  6. My parity disk according to diskspeed is the slowest (a WD Red) drive by far. I have a newer Seagate Ironwolf in the array which is fastest, and 2 Seagate NAS drives (still quicker than the WD Red). All drives are 3TB. What is the safest way to swap the parity and data drives? I have another WD Red to add to the array in the near future once I complete my JBOD case. I believe I can pull the parity, and move data, then re-add the parity, but I'd rather the array stay protected.
  7. Highly recommend retrofitting a 40mm cooling fan on this card. After just a few minutes the heatsink was at 75C. Quickly got a fan on it. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdqC8PWJxg8 for a guide. The heatsink's holes line up perfectly with a 40mm fan. I used M3 x 30 screws with nylon m3 bolts to secure it.
  8. I have the OEM version too. Tried flashing the card today using the method outlined here - https://forums.serverbuilds.net/t/guide-updating-your-lsi-sas-controller-with-a-uefi-motherboard/131 The FW file includes HBA_9207_4i4e_IT and HBA_9217_4i4e_IR, FW v 20. Simple and straight forward. Used a PC I know worked flashing before. Switched over to IT mode with little effort. Tested it - works (well, I can see drives in the SAS config). I need to test the external port next, then finally in Unraid (will get a trial USB setup).
  9. I too am interested in this purely because now I think I want the external port, rather than spend £25 on a PCI adapter to add a port. There must've been a reason I discounted this model when making my original purchase. I found this OEM board on eBay. Original board is the LSI 9207-4i4e (non-OEM) version I believe. Update: Bought one, found firmware on the Broadcom website, once it arrives I'll let you know if it's successful
  10. +1 for this. I'm new to setting up servers for games. I imagine the ich777 one on Community Apps is probably straight forward. Please post your progress with this.
  11. SOLVED: Thank you both for the fast response. @trurl any share, from windows try creating a folder or file starting with Con.something.something.darkside. It reports "The Specified Device Name is Invalid" @earthworm Never noticed that this issue has been in Windows all this time. Just tried it on Windows 10, you cannot create a file con.anything. Thanks for sharing the link.
  12. Unraid 6.8.3 - Decided to tidy my movie library by replacing spaces with periods, because it was a mix of both. That's when I discover that I cannot have a name Con. or con. anything. eg. Con.Air.(1997) Is there a workaround for this? Tried using Windows - throws a permission error. Tried from unraid console - throws a permission error. Con_air is fine Con air is fine Con-air is fine Con.air is a no no