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  1. Regarding Q1 you can achieve that by editing the container, choose a custom interface (mine is br0) as network type and key in ip manually. It will show you the available subnet of that interface.
  2. Definitely need a hand from someone. I feel like I'm lost in making virtio_net works, and so as 9p(for mounting unraid shares). First, I started with docker made by segator. The image segator/xpenology:latest somehow works and unless you want to load 9p drivers. I compile the drivers following the github's instruction. Turns out I compile the drivers for newer kernel(3.10.102) and the image is running at 6.0.2-8451 which has a linux kernel of 3.10.77. I went through again with 3.10.77's packages but the progress seems stuck because the source code does not contain a copy of synobios.h. The newer image(segator/xpenology:6.1.3-15152) stucks at launching from qemu(https://forums.unraid.net/topic/59843-dsm-ui-on-docker-unraid/?do=findComment&comment=816993 Then, I came to VM instead of docker. Life seems easier until I go further. I follow the guide to repack virtio* and 9p* drive into boot img. VM stucks at booting if I switch to virtio network adaptor instead of e1000. e1000 is 100% working for normal use I think. 9p mount also won't work if I try the mount command from https://github.com/segator/xpenology-docker . As it will said mount: special device blablabla does not exist Funny thing is that those drivers load at boot time ash-4.3# dmesg|grep 9p [ 10.862020] 9pnet: Installing 9P2000 support [ 10.867318] 9p: Installing v9fs 9p2000 file system support ash-4.3# dmesg|grep virtio [ 10.848469] virtio_balloon: Unknown symbol balloon_mapping_alloc (err 0) [ 10.859134] virtio_console: Unknown symbol hvc_remove (err 0) [ 10.859149] virtio_console: Unknown symbol hvc_kick (err 0) [ 10.859158] virtio_console: Unknown symbol hvc_alloc (err 0) [ 10.859166] virtio_console: Unknown symbol hvc_poll (err 0) [ 10.859177] virtio_console: Unknown symbol hvc_instantiate (err 0) [ 10.859186] virtio_console: Unknown symbol __hvc_resize (err 0) [ 393.861496] 9pnet_virtio: no channels available ash-4.3# lsmod|grep virtio 9pnet_virtio 6278 0 9pnet 38996 2 9p,9pnet_virtio virtio_scsi 9225 0 virtio_blk 8496 0 virtio_net 17272 0 virtio_mmio 4064 0 virtio_pci 6877 0 virtio_ring 7872 6 virtio_blk,virtio_net,virtio_pci,9pnet_virtio,virtio_mmio,virtio_scsi virtio 3506 6 virtio_blk,virtio_net,virtio_pci,9pnet_virtio,virtio_mmio,virtio_scsi Resources I've gone thru: https://forums.unraid.net/topic/59843-dsm-ui-on-docker-unraid https://forums.unraid.net/topic/71316-xpenology-vm-any-one-running-this/ https://github.com/segator/xpenology-docker https://xpenology.club/compile-drivers-xpenology-with-windows-10-and-build-in-bash/ https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/7387-tutorial-dsm-6x-on-proxmox/ https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/7884-xpenology-runing-on-docker/ https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/23822-kvm-virtio-network-driver-extension/ FYI, I’m using the easiest combination of xpenology img(3615 on 6.1.7 v1.02b) on VM
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  4. Edit pihole‘s setting, switch to advanced view, change the repository to pihole/pihole:beta-v5.0 Make a backup of the appdata folder of pihole in case you want to revert