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  2. For me this will happen when I stop/restart a torrent container (after heavy torrenting). This is harmless though except the kernel is spamming every 10s in syslog and SSH terminal. A temporally workaround is to restart your unraid server, keep in mind that this will definitely be an uncleaned shutdown.
  3. Regarding Q1 you can achieve that by editing the container, choose a custom interface (mine is br0) as network type and key in ip manually. It will show you the available subnet of that interface.
  4. Definitely need a hand from someone. I feel like I'm lost in making virtio_net works, and so as 9p(for mounting unraid shares). First, I started with docker made by segator. The image segator/xpenology:latest somehow works and unless you want to load 9p drivers. I compile the drivers following the github's instruction. Turns out I compile the drivers for newer kernel(3.10.102) and the image is running at 6.0.2-8451 which has a linux kernel of 3.10.77. I went through again with 3.10.77's packages but the progress seems stuck because the source code does not contain a copy of synobios.h. The newer image(segator/xpenology:6.1.3-15152) stucks at launching from qemu( Then, I came to VM instead of docker. Life seems easier until I go further. I follow the guide to repack virtio* and 9p* drive into boot img. VM stucks at booting if I switch to virtio network adaptor instead of e1000. e1000 is 100% working for normal use I think. 9p mount also won't work if I try the mount command from . As it will said mount: special device blablabla does not exist Funny thing is that those drivers load at boot time ash-4.3# dmesg|grep 9p [ 10.862020] 9pnet: Installing 9P2000 support [ 10.867318] 9p: Installing v9fs 9p2000 file system support ash-4.3# dmesg|grep virtio [ 10.848469] virtio_balloon: Unknown symbol balloon_mapping_alloc (err 0) [ 10.859134] virtio_console: Unknown symbol hvc_remove (err 0) [ 10.859149] virtio_console: Unknown symbol hvc_kick (err 0) [ 10.859158] virtio_console: Unknown symbol hvc_alloc (err 0) [ 10.859166] virtio_console: Unknown symbol hvc_poll (err 0) [ 10.859177] virtio_console: Unknown symbol hvc_instantiate (err 0) [ 10.859186] virtio_console: Unknown symbol __hvc_resize (err 0) [ 393.861496] 9pnet_virtio: no channels available ash-4.3# lsmod|grep virtio 9pnet_virtio 6278 0 9pnet 38996 2 9p,9pnet_virtio virtio_scsi 9225 0 virtio_blk 8496 0 virtio_net 17272 0 virtio_mmio 4064 0 virtio_pci 6877 0 virtio_ring 7872 6 virtio_blk,virtio_net,virtio_pci,9pnet_virtio,virtio_mmio,virtio_scsi virtio 3506 6 virtio_blk,virtio_net,virtio_pci,9pnet_virtio,virtio_mmio,virtio_scsi Resources I've gone thru: FYI, I’m using the easiest combination of xpenology img(3615 on 6.1.7 v1.02b) on VM
  5. Enabled VMs in VM Manager setting
  6. Edit pihole‘s setting, switch to advanced view, change the repository to pihole/pihole:beta-v5.0 Make a backup of the appdata folder of pihole in case you want to revert