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  1. Regarding Q1 you can achieve that by editing the container, choose a custom interface (mine is br0) as network type and key in ip manually. It will show you the available subnet of that interface.
  2. Definitely need a hand from someone. I feel like I'm lost in making virtio_net works, and so as 9p(for mounting unraid shares). First, I started with docker made by segator. The image segator/xpenology:latest somehow works and unless you want to load 9p drivers. I compile the drivers following the github's instruction. Turns out I compile the drivers for newer kernel(3.10.102) and the image is running at 6.0.2-8451 which has a linux kernel of 3.10.77. I went through again with 3.10.77's packages but the progress seems stuck because the source code does not contain a copy of synobio
  3. Enabled VMs in VM Manager setting
  4. Edit pihole‘s setting, switch to advanced view, change the repository to pihole/pihole:beta-v5.0 Make a backup of the appdata folder of pihole in case you want to revert