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  1. Thanks for your patience and help. I think I get it now. In my case: host path: /mnt/disks/Kingston_SHPM2280P2_240G_50026B727604BA4C/appdata/auto-comskip/ container path: /opt/ No comskip.ini after the last / right? Although I have put the comskip.ini file in the folder /mnt/disks/Kingston_SHPM2280P2_240G_50026B727604BA4C/appdata/auto-comskip/ With the settings above, auto-comskip only moves the file from watch folder to output folder without doing its thing
  2. Thanks, I have read and watched the Spaceinvader video but Im still a bit lost because I dont recognize the format of the string "-v /docker/appdata/auto-comskip/comskip.ini:/opt/comskip.ini". I have installed other dockers with custom host path etc before but only when watching Spaceinvaders guides as Im totally new to unRaid and Linux 😅 Should I add a path named "Host Path 5" with container path "/opt/" and Host Path pointing to where my unraid stores my docker and place the comskip.ini file in there? Thanks for your help!
  3. Thanks for the quick reply and sorry for being such a noob. So I edit in this line somewhere? "-v /docker/appdata/auto-comskip/comskip.ini:/opt/comskip.ini". Where? Also I place the comskip.ini in thea ppdata/auto-comskip/ folder? 🙂
  4. Hi @dee31797, thanks for the effort! However running this docker doesnt remove all comersials for me. Is there any chance to have the option to edit the comskip.ini? Thanks!