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  1. I’ve read completely through this topic and my installation went without a hitch. Almost too easy. I was running on a Raspberry Pi and wanted to move to a docker. Made a backup on my Pi then shut it down. Installed the docker but my backup was more current than the docker so had to go with the :latest repository which is 6.0.41 Changed my IP to Custom: br0 and used the Ip that the Raspberry was using. Started the docker and everything came up! Went ahead in the Controller Configuration and set Override Host Inform just in case. You guys made it painless! Thank you! One question though. I have a simple home network but after reading through this topic and the issues, I’d like to slow down on grabbing the latest and greatest update. How can I change my repository setting to remain where I’m at until the LTS repository catches up to me? I’ve seen in the thread people mentioning various extensions: linuxserver/unifi-controller:5.13.32-ls71 linuxserver/unifi-controller:5.14.23-ls76 Does the (ls71, ls76) signify anything? Thanks again…
  2. Had fun trying this out though I'm not a graphics person by any means!