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  1. Use $ export http_proxy=http://USER:PASS@proxyserver:port $ export https_proxy=http://USER:PASS@proxyserver:port
  2. Fixed the real issue, failed on the automation side. Deleted the solution as marked as useless. Thanks for the cheerful moderation attitude.
  3. As you said, you have passed through the Dual 10Gb NIC to a VM. VM doesn't "know" anything else than its own existence thus able to serve the host (UnRaid server, as it's not physically connected to it). You need to add virtual NIC to the VM and via that the host can communicate with the pfSense VM. See the following thread for more info: FYI: If you're running UnRaid on trial basis and you reboot your server, the arrays and firewall VM won't be started automatically. This is due the limitation where the UnRaid will start to fetch your trial license status from the Internet, and because the routing is based via VM, it wont be able to do so.
  4. Can you post a screenshot from your PCI Devices and IOMMU Groups? As I don't have the NICs to test with, I assume these two links would get your sorted out: Preparing PCI pass-through devices / unloading drivers (note 0000:03:00 instead of 0000:03:00.0) https://www.ibm.com/docs/en/linux-on-systems?topic=through-pci Single Root IO Virtualization (SR-IOV) / Configuring SR-IOV for ConnectX-3/ConnectX-3 Pro https://docs.mellanox.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=12013542
  5. Lol, I admit I had the same issue as you did 😂
  6. Pinpointing the failures needs your current XML to be examined. Could you share your XML so we can take a look?
  7. Do you have a HDMI audio device on your GTX 1050? If so, you need to do a multifunction device manually on to your config (see spaceinvaders video "GPU passthrough" on youtube). Have you installed the VM drivers on the Win10 host? Also tune Windows powerplans to high performance, disable hibernate etc