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  1. Want to say thanks for the work by those who fixed the current issue. It seems to be working fine now!
  2. I'm also having a similar problem where the data isn't automatically refreshing. No errors in the browser's console and I can see that it's no longer requesting new data about the PSU (only once and that's it). Seems to have happened since I went to 6.9 from I think 6.8.4.
  3. I know everyone has a life, however I'm equally sorry that it's perhaps difficult for an active person on there (at the time) to type a mere few characters back if they don't know the answer or even reply to a simple greeting 😉. Anyway, back on topic... I've resolved the problem. I'm not sure why but after a few further attempts at removing the container and reinstalling it somehow it's now fully working. I wish I had a clear cut answer to share with anyone else experiencing a similar issue, but good luck to anyone who does!
  4. I'm having the same problem as you. I'm trying to figure out why it is. I've even tried giving the container its own dedicated LAN IP but for some reason the TFTP server isn't able to be connected to outside of the container. If I try connecting to it within the container it works, even when using the LAN IP that I assigned the container with. It's like there's some kind of firewall. It seems to be listening on port 69 correctly according to netstat. I tried asking in the official Discord for linuxservers but it felt like I was invisible, not a soul even bothered to say something l
  5. Does anyone know if limiting the CPU share on the docker also makes it so the virtual machines aren't impacted and take priority if they need the CPU? I tried this in the past on Unraid some time ago but unsuccessfully stopped BOINC/F@H from causing some lag on game servers I run in a VM. I want the docker to be able to utilise 'spare/idle' CPU capacity, as opposed to dedicating some cores or such.