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  1. i´ll hope you got a answer this because it would also solve my issue... but when you find the solution yourself, it would be nice when you post it here
  2. Hallo, ich such jetzt schon seit 2 Tagen eine lösung für mein Problem, dass ich manche Container aus innerhalb Unraid nicht erreichen kann. Ich hab mir einen Reverse Proxy wie von SpaceinvaderOne mit den Videos: How to Use DNS Verification with your Reverse Proxy & use a Wildcard SSL Certificate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AS0HydTEuA4 How to Setup and Configure a Reverse Proxy on unRAID with LetsEncrypt & NGINX: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0lhZc25Sro&t=608s gebaut aber bin direkt auf den SWAG Container.... Das funktioniert eigentlich auch soweit... Dann kam noch: Securely Access any PC or VM Remotely using only a Web Browser with Guacamole: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTFB2XEQQUU dazu und die Sache mit den eigenen IP Adressen für Docker Container mittels der "BR0" und damit ging gefühlt ein problem los... Mein Netzwerk läuft auf 192.168.222.x z.B. Unraid: z.B. Guacamole: des weiteren noch verschiedene andere Docker Container und VMs auch in dem IP Range: 192.168.222.xyz z.B. meine Gaming-VM: -> SSH auf Unraid und in der Konsole ping auf: unraid -> geht unraid -> geht unraid -> geht nicht -> Konsole in der VM ping auf: GamingPC VM -> geht GamingPC VM -> geht GamingPC VM -> geht Von den VM´s aus kann ich alle IP-Adressen im Range: 192.168.222.xyz anpingen Aber unter Unraid (zum gleichen Zeitpunkt) nicht. Kann mir jemand sagen wo ich drehen muss dass unraid auch die anpingen kann und mir nicht sagt "unreachable" ? Grüße Hannes
  3. Before i try and fail.... Anyone has tested 5.10.0rc4-thor-Unraid+.NV.6.9b30 also works with v6.9.0 beta35 ? Best Regards Hannes
  4. Thank you very much. One Question is it possible to make it compatible to Version: 6.9.0-beta29 ? Different Version of MD so the Array would not Start :-( Best Regards Hannes
  5. Thank you for this very detailed Information, i dont have fully understood this for weeks. but after weeks of checking testing reading and crying... i makes really sense now. i have shrinked my 'project vision' down to 1 GPU and upgraded the processor to a Ryzen 7 3700X but made a big mistake i bought a X470 Taichi ... nice mainboard but big mistake for me. I run into huge problems... Running the RTX 2060 Super along with LSI Controller works fine and passthrough works fine. But then i would also passthrough one of the onboard USB controllers. Everytime it ends in a Server crash. So i bought a separate usb card and run into other problems. I think this problems is the "lack of PCI-E lanes" i have changed every possible position of slots but allways end up the same IOMMU group and this group looks like is not splitable and i cant isolate this card. So today i have ordered a another board.. a Gigabyte X570 Aorus Pro as used in other threads here and send the Taichi back. Thank you Again Hannes
  6. Hello, now that I have seen some videos of Spaceinvader One and read a lot on the pages here... The question is which board and processor should I buy to reach my goals? Since the financial means are limited, the desired processor is already almost certain. It should be a: Ryzen 7 2700. 2 or 3 graphics cards are Avail and could / should be used, in conjunction with 3 VM's but only a maximum of two of them will run the same Time. 1. an NVIDIA RTX 2060 Super should be used for the Gaming PC VM. 2. a Radeon R9 280x for a MacOS Catalina VM. 3. an Nvidia GT630 1GB for an Allways ON - Windows 10 machine for surfing the net and similar alternatively a Linux desktop instead of Windows 10. The Mainboard should have as many SATA connectors as possible to complement or eliminate the currently used LSI controller. Does anyone have a suggestion or experience with which board this is possible? Thanks a lot Greetings Hannes
  7. Thank you for all the Help , i started made my solution on base of testdasi´s script and now i prepare my borg backup scripts to write on them
  8. would and could you share your script with me? that would be really nice
  9. The Answer is Simple: 1. having the two hard disk sets for "main data" and the "backup data" in the same enclosure is not a backup for me. In case of fire or water damage, burglary or vandalism all data is lost. I want a real Backup because after the backup is finished, the hard drives will be detached and taken out of the office.
  10. Hello, after setting up my complete system with 6 hard disks + ssd, and installed all stuff the question: "how to backup ALL data?" comes up. I have 4 hard disks (2x 8tb + 2x 3tb) in a separate housing that can be connected via usb3 or sata. All of these are recognized as single hard disks and appears in the area of unassigned devices and of course i can mount them manually so that they are available as single backup storage targets. But i want them as "one big" storage target with 22 tb. call it 1 big logical volume... Any Idea how this could be managed? Is UNRAID cappable to do this? Sure from nerdpack i could install unionfs and try this.. but is there not a easy way i could not see ? Or is it needed to install a Linux VM and setup there a lvm? Best Regards Hannes