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  1. Hi @binhex, Thank you for your work. I use a few of your other docker images and I am using's code-server docker right now. What are the differences between this image and's (apart from the base image code-server is installed to)? Thanks again.
  2. Hi @cheesemarathon, The icon for Oauth Proxy sticks for a while when update it by editing the docker but it keeps loosing it. Looks like the icon url in the template has moved and is now can you please update the template to include it? Apologies if you have already updated it and I am probably somehow still on old template. In that case ca
  3. Hello @binhex do you have any plans to use instead of novnc? Something like this:
  4. hi @PeteAsking Thank you for your reply. I tried to setup pfsense before right infront of my home router, but I have Google Wifi which sucks as it does not let me use pfSense box as router without giving up the "Mesh" functionality. I was thinking of running pfsense in the unraid box itself as a VM to act as firewall for just the Unraid box, but even with this, how would I prevent someone accessing the VM from accessing the box it self or the LAN. Any pointers would help thanks again.
  5. Hi, I have a windows VM that I created for a family member for learning purposes. It worked great, and it was used from within our LAN. But now the family member has moved out and wants to access from outside the network. I now have been thinking about how to secure two things: Secure access to the VM from outside the LAN: Create a wireguard vpn profile for them and ask them to connect to it and use the vm as if they were in the LAN. (For some reason the computer they have now could not run wireguard because of some driver signing issue). or Use Apache
  6. Thanks a lot, that worked. I saw the commit that changed this on the git repo but did not realize I needed to change the property key.
  7. Has anyone updated OAuth2_Proxy recently? there seems to be breaking changes and the docker container does not start anymore for me. I get this error: [2020/06/17 18:30:39] [main.go:36] ERROR: Failed to load config: error unmarshalling config: 1 error(s) decoding: * '' has invalid keys: cookie_domain [2020/06/17 18:30:56] [main.go:36] ERROR: Failed to load config: error unmarshalling config: 1 error(s) decoding: * '' has invalid keys: cookie_domain
  8. Aah I see. What is the best way to check for update and update this docker? I could do docker pull on this image from a terminal, but not sure if there is any automated/easier way to do that?
  9. Hello, Why does the status say "not available" for the OAuth2Proxy docker? This is the only docker that has this status. I have tried removing the docker (with images) and adding it back again with no success.