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  1. Thanks dlandon. Your efforts are much appreciated. Donation Sent!
  2. I also want to echo thanks for your work on this container. I am quite happy with my camera setup right now. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks. I'm chasing it there too. It works up to 3072*2044 without error. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  4. 4K doesnt work. Everything works fine until I set my new 4K camera (monitor 7) to 4K (3840x2160). It works fine at 2560x1440, but when I set it to 4K, errors start flying. See attached log. Any ideas on why? zm-log.html
  5. Good question. I've been an unraid users for many years and never used GUI mode. That said, I may just settle on a cheap NVR. It looks like the webpage doesnt refresh after a zoneminder reboot, which I schedule daily.
  6. This may be a dumb question, so forgive me. I am trying to figure out the easiest way to display my IP Cams on my TV. The IP Cams display on a browser. I would like to run the browser on my unraid machine and display it on my TV via an HDMI cable. Is there an easy way to do this? I currently have no monitor attached to the unraid machine and use IPMI if I need to access the console directly. I am trying to avoid buying a machine to display one web page.
  7. because the ipcams share only included disk9. i believe i created a conflict. include only disk9 for the share and not include disk9 in global settings.
  8. I intended disk9 to be a dedicated disk for ipcam jpgs. this is a lot of small files and i didnt want to have the array spinning all disks for these files. so i put it to only use disk9 and for the share to be one of the few that use the cache. i imagine i could have done this without using the global settings, but thats where i screwed up.
  9. Thanks Jonnie. That solved it!
  10. Ok. So I removed disk9 from the array. i checked then checked and fixed the file system. mover still reported no space left on device for disk9 I reformatted disk9. I removed all of the ipcams files from the cache drive. tried the mover again and i still get the same error. Can you think of any reason why it thinks disk9 is full? or maybe more importantly why mover cannot write to disk9? updated diagnostics. grimlock-diagnostics-20180410-1146.zip
  11. but plan and pr0n have the same number of letters
  12. btw.. ipcams is a dedicated (disk9) where the ipcam jpgs go... they are cached then moved daily.
  13. OK Thanks. I did a file system check/fix on disk9 and upgraded to 6.5.1-rc4. Lets see how it does now.
  14. For some reason my mover keeps locking up. I cannot shut down unraid normally when this happens. Can anyone assist? Diagnostics attached. grimlock-diagnostics-20180408-1057.zip
  15. Are there any good replacements for Crashplan?