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  1. Thanks jonathanm That did the trick all working now : ) Changed tower to ip & changed "C:\Program Files\PuTTY\plink.exe" to /usr/bin/plink Thanks again for your help
  2. hey jonathanm Thanks for getting back to me i didn't need to change the vm parameters as i have two different scripts on unraid (one) win10-retro.sh (two) retro-win10.sh I just tried that but it comes back as "unable to open connection temporary failure in name resolution" Not really sure why that is coming back as that As i can ssh into the unraid sever via putty no problems. any other ideas? Cheers Tinni
  3. hey all Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I have a script setup on my unraid server and a bat file on my windows vm that shuts down my win 10 vm and starts my ubuntu 20.04 vm up via ssh but i cant figure out the correct way to do it with ubuntu so to shut down ubuntu vm and start win 10 vm. The bat file used for windows is "C:\Program Files\PuTTY\plink.exe" -ssh -pw password root@tower "/mnt/disk1/scripts/retro-win10.sh VM-1 VM-2 > /dev/null &" How would i convert this to being able to use it in ubuntu? to achieve
  4. Hey This is exactly what I've been looking for but for some reason I'm unable to get it working I'm clearly being thick (been a long few weeks) I've installed the docker but for some reason im getting "[agent] Error writing to outputs.influxdb: could not write any address" any help would be much appreciated Cheers Tinni
  5. I added this line to go file on unraid using CONFIG FILE EDITOR from CA. # enable iGPU for docker use /sbin/modprobe i915 chmod -R 0777 /dev/dri Which you may not have to do anymore but i couldn't get it to work without adding it. then i added these line's to ADDITIONAL COMMANDLINE OPTIONS / Custom FFMPEG Options in Unmanic. ( I would suggest reading through http://ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg.html#Options ) -vaapi_device /dev/dri/renderD128 -vf format=nv12|vaapi,hwupload Then i use hevc_vaapi setting for Video Encoder under the video encoding ta
  6. did you you figure this out ? I'm looking for the same a 2 channel output and a multi channel output
  7. Hey @Josh.5 Just wanted to say thanks for your hard work. I've been running unmanic for 7 days now and its brilliant at first it was tricky getting quick sync running but all working perfectly now. Previously i was encoding/converting via handbrake file by file this has just made my life 100% easier and a million times faster. Few things i would like to see in future build if possible A way to initiate scan with a button-press. / a pause/stop button A over all folder Size Comparison decrease / increase (if possible) A log page under settings wou
  8. Hey all I'm losing the will to live here no matter what i try i can not get nextpvr docker installed on my unraid setup. Can anyone please explain in simpletons terms how to install it, i have tried following this link https://hub.docker.com/r/nextpvr/nextpvr_amd64 but keep getting docker: invalid reference format. or sh: 4: --volume: not found with changing the paths im so confused please help cheers tinni
  9. thanks Squid i gathered as much but wanted to double check now to figure out how to make a nextpvr docker lol
  10. Hey all I am just curious im new to the unraid world and learning as much as i can but i think i may have messed up somewhere along the line with dockers and containers. I think i now have a stable working unraid but i have noticed my array is always spun up and i installed open files plugin and i noticed a few things running with all dockers stopped and im not sure if they are meant to be running or its something i have done in the past to mess it up im running unraid 6.9.0-beta25 and using dockers ( emby, sonarr, radarr, deluge, couchpotato, jakett, embystat, sabnbz, krusader ) i
  11. Hey everyone I'm looking for some advice on upgrading my unraid tower Current set up Motherboard: Foxconn H61MXL-K Cpu: Intel® Pentium® CPU G630 @ 2.70GHz Ram: 6 GiB DDR3 Hard drives: 1 x 1tb seagate 1 x 2tb western digital 1 x 3tb seagate 1 x 6tb seagate Been using this set up for about a year as a Plex/emby setup to play my Blu-ray's on a local network on the Xbox 1 and fire stick without a partiy drive or cache drive But now after testing unraid and seeing it works for my needs I have now p