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  1. So I installed the uinput plugin, I verified the module is loaded and setup the container as directed with net:host. I do get an additional notification from steam now about the virtual input and there's kernel log events about the controller. It works for big picture but still can't get any games to recognize it no matter what... EDIT: I went through the trouble of getting a steam controller out of storage to test with that as well. It's connected through Bluetooth, and steam recognizes it too in big picture, but it won't work with any games.
  2. It has a full desktop environment, so it should be rather trivial to install lutris.
  3. For the mobile device that's the only option I have right now, I don't have a Bluetooth controller. Steam provides a controller map and it just works for the most part. Touchscreen inputs work. I tried using a controller with my desktop + remote play of the same game I tried to use on the phone. Quick update, I had the thought to quickly try and use a USB adapter to plug the controller into the phone, and that works! Can control big picture, but not games still.
  4. So I'm sorry if this has been brought up but I'm having the same issues with this that I did with the other docker image intended for this purpose, the debian-nvidia one. Controller input works in steam big picture, but nowhere else when doing remote play. I've tried with my phone, and with another computer in the home. Otherwise it seems to work perfectly.
  5. Yeah, I was just ignorant to the fact that InfluxDB uses port 8088, everything seems to be working perfect now. Do appreciate your help! This container is awesome.
  6. So after checking influxdb.log as you mentioned to jibo, I'm having the issue of port 8088 being bound. I have that port in use on another docker service, and it wasn't listed in used ports so I wasn't aware of the issue. I fixed this by shuffling ports on my other docker service. Thanks for the lead on that, I was a bit blind to the log file inside of influx's folder, sorry.
  7. Was really interested in the Grafana-Unraid-Stack docker, as it seems like a really nice, pre-configured all-in-one solution for Grafana, on top of all the individual parts being all together. Unfortunately influxdb just seems to not want to start at all within the container, and it just keeps crashing, according to the log.