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  1. @SpencerJ The PR looks fine to me. You may merge. Merci beaucoup, @Qiou !
  2. Le Mover sert à déplacer les fichiers des partages qui utilisent le disque de cache aux disques dure (l‘Array). Mover est normalement exécuté durant la nuit car cette opération peut prendre quelque temps.
  3. Bonjour @Kiano70, Nextcloud offre un plug-in "Stockages externes" dans la section applications qui fait exactement ce que vous voulez. Vous devez premièrement donner accès à votre partage au conteneur en faisant ceci (voir Nextcloud-Partage.png) Pour la suite il reste juste à donner accès au fichiers via l'option stockage locale du plug-in.
  4. Everything worked out great ! Thank you !
  5. Update: It seemed to be an error with my config files. I have done a clean install and have been able to access everything from my array. Time to reinstall everything
  6. Unfortunately, I broke my usb disk today while cleaning things up in my room while the server was on. I have tried going back to a previous USB backup that was made using CA Backup / Restore Appdata. I then Zipped up that directory and made a new usb using Unraid USB creator. However, when I got back into the webgui of Unraid I saw this (refer to pic) I know the disks assignments because of my backed up DISK_ASSIGNEMENTS.txt file. Although, when I go to start the array it asks me for an encryption passphrase to encrypt the drives (my drives are already encrypted !). This box usually asks me to enter my decryption passphrase. Does anyone know what I should do at this point? Thanks