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  1. Thank you for your reply - this is resolved. BTW, I very much appreciate your containers.
  2. I have installed the following containers below successfully and each component is communicating with one another. The problem I'm having now is logging into the Zabbix-Webinterface I cannot find through the documentation what the initial login for this frontend is supposed to be. I have found some documentation on the Zabbix website but none of the default user/password combinations are working. Maybe I'm missing something obvious. How do I login to Zabbix so I can begin customizing the devices on my network I want to monitor. Is it through the Zabbix-Webinterface container? If it is through the Zabbix-Webinterface container what is the initial login (user/password)? If I don't need the Zabbix-Webinterface to manage my endpoints, then how do I login to begin using the container? I'm sorry, new to Zabbix and just couldn't seem to find the answer through the documentation.
  3. I cannot figure out for the life of me who to login to the Zabbix Web-Interface container. MariaDB - check Zabbix-Server - check Zabbix-WebInterface - check Logs for all of these show everything is communicating but when I get to the login screen none of the default credentials are working to get me into the web interface for Zabbix. Please any help would be appreciated.
  4. I'm also wondering this. I'm using the Bitnami MongoDB docker container from Docker HUB and created a custom template to work with Rocket.Chat container after they made the switch to requiring opLogs enabled. I would like to have this (and support it) on the CA page so I don't have to manually create this if the continuer and template is lost.