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  1. Sometimes the simple things you miss. a quick SG_format to remove the protection has worked and now underway of rebuilding my array. Thanks Johnnie
  2. Thanks! I had a feeling being enterprise this may be an issue. Off to google I go!
  3. As an update, The IBM drive works absolutely fine as a formatted XFS Share in Unassigned drives via SMB shares. May this be due to mixed SATA and SAS on the 9201 Controller??
  4. Hey all, I have a whole bunch of decommissioned IBM SAS HDD (hitachi & seagate) which are 100% known working. I am using a LSI 9201 flashed with 2008IT firmware. Cables are replaced and new. Now, I have started to introduce them into my system to replace my smaller SATA drives, but seem to be getting a Write errors / IO errors after an erase and pre-clear I had manually set in sdparm the WCE to 1, yet still nothing. Drive will halt with read/write errors when added as the parity drive I also cannot run any SMART diagnostics on the Drive This is completely racking my brain, any help or ideas will be greatly appreciated. Regards, Enigma enigmaticunraid-diagnostics-20200328-0854.zip enigmaticunraid-smart-20200328-0829.zip
  5. Champion, Downloading in docker now. Sending up a donation!