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  1. Running Nextcloud on my Unraid server and I have a bunch of video files on it which I used to play on my iOS devices via the Nextcloud app. Lately for some reason it only just downloads them not like before where it opened the video player like I want to. Via the browser it still opens up the video player. Anyone?
  2. What did you use as port in the conf file? I'm trying to do a similar thing but it doesn't work so far...
  3. I just commented my overwritehost line in the php file and it finally works locally. If I connect via 4G (so outside my network) it seems to work too.
  4. I started looking for this and my ISP indeed doesn't support NAT hairpin. So how can I access my Nextcloud installation locally? I notice when I use my local LAN ip for my Nextcould it always reroutes directly to the domain name one. Is there a way around this?
  5. I did change that. I can't access it when I'm on my own network, even with the DNS. If I go outside my network, for example my phone on 4G, it works.
  6. Recently I switched ISP together with their mandatory router. Unfortunately the new router has a different IP range 192.168.1.* instead of my previous 192.168.0.*. and it doesn't allow me to change that. So that meant that my Nextcloud/mariadb/swag setup wasn't going to work anymore. I changed a few settings in the /appdata/nextcloud/www/nextcloud/config/config.php file to the correct ip addresses and also the nextcloud.subdomain.conf file in Swag. Also I portmapped everything again on the new router which seem to work, my DNS also works. But anyone know why Nextcloud won't run when I try to access it locally but does work when accessed outside my own network? I just don't get it why it's doing that?
  7. So this probably sounds real dumb of me but I followed this tutorial for my Nextcloud server. Everything running smoothly. However am I now getting e-mails from Let's Encrypt to renew my certifcates. Is this a process that goes automatically (just like the Docker container says in the description)? Or do I need to do something?
  8. I've got the opportunity to buy 2x Intel Xeon E5-2630 v3's for virtually no money. Are these still a good choice if I want to build me another Unraid server? I'd like to use this one mainly as a VM server.
  9. From which point is an occ:files scan too much? I want to migrate my photos from another server to my Unraid using FTP and then let it scan the folder. It's about 200GB
  10. Hello, I'm trying to setup a Nextcloud server together with Letsencrypt to have access on it outside my network. But since my ISP forces me to use their crappy router, I'm not sure if this configuration is correct to redirect port 443 to 1443 and port 80 to port 180. Is there a way to test if this is working before I start messing around with other stuff? I got it pretty much setup correctly on Unraid and I think I narrowed it down to this somehow. Port 80 and 443 are not blocked by my ISP, tested that with a open port checker tool.
  11. I have 2x 10GbE ports on my Unraid server motherboard of which one is plugged into a 10GbE port on my switch. It's the only 10GbE available, the other 10GbE port on the switch is attached to my main PC. Will I benefit of something if I plug the other 10GbE from my Unraid server to a Gbit port on the switch? Will bonding work? Also on the subject, is there some tutorial which explains all the different network settings for Unraid?
  12. yeah well, I replaced almost everything except for the motherboard and cpu. I didn't have an extra motherboard but did have a different cpu. I contacted ASRock (which were surprisingly fast in answering my e-mail) and they sent me a newer BIOS update which wasn't on the website. But that didn't make much of a difference with the 3600. After I replaced it with the 2600 everything started working. I'm sincerely hoping this was it. Just in case: I made another diagnostics file for you to look at
  13. update on this: it wasn't the motherboard, it was the CPU, an AMD Ryzen 5 3600. Replaced it by a 2600 and so far everything is working super fast. Currently running a parity check at 255MB/s
  14. Looking into the IPMI the power supply status says Power Supply error. Is that because it isnt detected or is there really something wrong?
  15. Could someone think of a BIOS option that I could be overlooking? When I plug in 2 PCIe cards (NVidia card and the LSI), the server becomes slow and everything just takes a little longer. It works but far from ideal. If I remove one, it's mega fast. Super responsive. I already made an RMA for the motherboard but I just want to try one more time.
  16. I've got a "B2" on the Dr Debug which should be the GPU according to some sources, off course it's not even in the manual. Removed the 1660GTX but keeps failing. Too bad I can't test CPU, haven't got another one lying around.
  17. Pulled out the 2 DIMMs of RAM and replaced it by one DIMM of 16GB (tried multiple slots). The first time I booted up, it seemed to do the trick (I was still on SATA onboard). However, after one reboot, it stopped working again. Did manage to get it back fast again but I can't pinpoint where the problem is. It appears to be random. I'm now thinking either the processor or the board itself. When the transfers are fast like they should, the Plex transcoding from the 1660GTX also works like it should. When the speeds are slow, Plex has issues. So could this be related to PCI-E ports being faulty? Or processor? Maybe try to reseat the CPU now, but then I'm out of ideas. Also booting from the USB stick takes a LONG time, usually stuck for a while at 'initramfs'
  18. OK, back to square one... seemed to work, now I'm back to slow speeds.
  19. OK, wow... just switched to another backplane off my Inter-tech case. Speeds are what they should be (and even better than I expected). Sheeesh... I was about to give this thing up. Averaging 295MB/s to the array, 588MB/s to the cache. Maxing out my Cat6 cables. Still on onboard SATA though, so next test is the HBA.
  20. Copy via disk share to disk 1 and 2 and 3 is around 100MB/s average, to the cache drive via disk share it's 205MB/s. To an array share it's averaging 93MB/s. All copies were fast the first 40-ish percentages.
  21. Just attached the 4 drives to the onboard SATA ports (good thing I had a reverse breakout cable lying around. With that Corona quarantaine it ain't easy to get stuff) however Unraid won't let me start the array? There isn't an option to start it. I can see the drives in the BIOS and in Unraid Nevermind, a reboot did the trick
  22. 9GB file. It was faster, a lot faster (240MB/s) and then it passes the 30% mark, it just drops dramatically to 55~80MB/s going up and down... Downloading from the array was fast all the way (230MB/s). Could this be HBA related? Should I try to flash it to newer firmware? I don't know how but I'll probably figure it out.
  23. I presume you just do it the same way? Made one during a copy to the share that suppose to be to the cache only and one during a copy to the array to array To cached
  24. Parity build just finished. Rebooted just to be sure. Same identical "slow" speeds. 😕 Turbo write is on.